WATCH: MNL48 Team L dances to Produce48’s Nekkoya!

Since they wrapped up their team concert last October 20, MNL48’s Team L has promised that they’ll post some of their performances for the audience goers to reminisce on and for #TeamBahay to appreciate.

One of these performances was the Japanese version of Nekkoya, the theme song of survival show “Produce48!”

To the delight of MNLoves, the dance cover was finally uploaded on member Thea Itona’s Facebook page. Just like in the team concert, Ella Amat served as the center. Watch it here:

Team L also performed Mr. Taxi by Girls’ Generation during their team concert.

MNL48 is gearing up for the release of their fifth single, High Tension, which was also performed by Produce48 trainees. The center for this single is Gabb Skribikin, who is part of Team L.

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Watch the lyric video here:

What do you think of Team L’s Nekkoya performance?

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