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Stanning Super Junior 101: A Tita’s Guide For Baby ELFs

Congratulations! So you have decided to be an Everlasting Friend (ELF). But, now that you’re part of the fandom, where to go from here? Are you overwhelmed with the huge amount of...

BTOB’s Lim Hyunsik is coming to Manila!

BTOB's Lim Hyunsik will be coming to Manila for his Dear Melody fan meeting on December 22 at the New Frontier Theater.

PH ELFs to celebrate Super Junior’s achievements with exhibit event for a cause

Filipino ELFs will hold a Super Junior exhibit and cafe event for a cause to celebrate the K-Pop group's 14 years in the industry and the upcoming Super Show 8 concert in...

LOOK: Eric Nam to announce something to Filipino fans next week!

Eric Nam will be announcing something for Filipino Nam Nation next week!

LOOK: Heart Evangelista snaps selfie with Ji Chang Wook

Heart Evangelista is with a star again, this time in Singapore with Korean actor Ji Chang Wook! Posting on Twitter, Heart captioned the photo "Thank you for standing up to take a photo...

Ji Chang Wook’s bound for Manila in 2020!

Ji Chang Wook will be holding a fan meeting in the Philippines!

Jinho Bae gets Busted S2 stars do the “Dalagang Pilipina” challenge

Philippines-based Korean singer and vlogger JinHo Bae got a really once-in-a-life-time moment when he got invited to the press conference of Netflix's Busted Season 2 and interviewed the cast of the show! "Busted"...

GLITZY and GLAM: ITZY’s Best Fashion Looks

It is without a doubt that ITZY a favorite contender for Rookie of the Year. With their spunky confidence, girl crush looks, and catchy songs, the girls have been gaining fans from...

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What it’s like watching Train to Busan in 2020

It’s been four years since Train to Busan premiered. What it’s like watching it in today’s environment?

A Platform Perfect for K-Pop Online Stores Is Now Here!

This is a press release. As several parts of the country were put under quarantine, many Filipinos began opening their businesses online not only to...

PH celebrities drawn toward Park Seo Joon’s charms in latest IG post

Filipino celebrities have proven that no one can resist Park Seo Joon’s charms.