SB19 announces official fandom name!

Popular Pinoy group SB19 has finally announced their official fandom name: A’TIN!

The fandom name, pronounced as “eighteen,” was first announced during their Facebook live stream on November 2. Prior to this, SB19 fans have been calling themselves as “Aurum” which the boys also mentioned during the stream.

Watch the stream below (the announcement comes around the 59:00 mark).

The group explained that “A’TIN” has two meanings. First, its pronunciation is derived from eighteen which comes before nineteen (SB19), suggesting that without their fans the group would not exist as well. Second, the fandom name is also spelled similarly to the Filipino word “atin” which means “ours,” suggesting that the group’s successes are also the fans’.

SB19 is the first Pinoy pop idol boy group trained under a Korean entertainment company. They rose to popularity this year with their hit single “Go Up.”

Are you a proud A’TIN?

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