A Dazzling Night in SF9’s UNIXERSE

A lot happened last November 16. People flocked outside of New Frontier Theater. Just across is the Araneta Coliseum, where a collegiate basketball game was ongoing. But as for the fans called FANTASYs, they were there for the dashing South Korean boy group, SF9.

As I wait for the organizers of the event to let us in, I was actually trying to think about what my expectations are for SF9. To my surprise, I can’t think of any expectation. What I thought about while waiting is “Sana hindi ako maging marupok, sana kalmahan lang ng SF9.”

So, as we all entered the venue, everyone’s all smiles, really anticipating for something big. Of course, that’s what it’s like when you’re waiting for someone special, like your ultimate bias group.

At exactly seven in the evening, sounds blared from the stage and FANTASYs screamed at the top of their lungs. The opening VCR was on.

RPM starts playing… then I couldn’t even take good pictures, as my hands were shaking… and I thought, SF9 is good. They wrecked the stage with some of their hit songs —RPM, Now or Never, and Fanfare.

In their opening stage, one member, Jaeyoon unbuttoned his coat and exposed his gorgeous abs that made the crowd crazy as hell!

As they started introducing themselves, I definitely told myself I like them. They’re nice and their personalities are commendable even if it was my first time seeing them. Inseong seemed to be the host of the concert as he went on asking members of what they were feeling, what they wanted to say, and more. Although, we couldn’t trust his deceiving translations of other members’ ments! (Haha!)

Just from the start of the concert, everyone was already having a good time. For the second part of the concert, each member, except for Inseong and Rowoon, had their own solo stages —and boy, I felt like fainting with their impact! I can’t even pick my most favorite solo stage!

After each of their solo, a really cute VCR played in front of the crowd. In the VCR, they all expressed how much they love and miss their fans. They all looked boyfriend-material! Like, they’re actually calling you through video call then tells you sweet things? Yes, just like that!

In between the third part of the concert, they took turns doing ments for the fans. Inseong continued to lead it and made the crowd laugh as hard as they can.

For their ending ments… I found it lovely that they all tried to speak words in Filipino. Plus, they were really sweet to their fans.

After which, PH FANTASYs sang SF9’s awesome leader, Youngbin, a happy birthday! Then it was followed by chants of ‘Walang uuwi!’ — which Inseong easily agreed to!

But of course, they can’t stay here forever (at least in our hearts, yes). So, the show must go on and everyone was already singing to some of SF9’s beautiful B-sides! I must say that, after their concert, I can’t even stop listening to See You Tomorrow, The Beat Goes On, and Echo! I swear!

At the end of #UNIXERSEinMNL, I knew the reason why SF9 is worth to love and to stan! They have amazing songs, choreographies, and members! As in amazing! It’s also, worth mentioning that PH FANTASYs worked so hard to be able to give SF9 a great show here in Manila.

In that dazzling night with SF9… I don’t think I escaped the reality that I am ‘marupok.’

Thank you Three Angles Production for inviting us to cover #SF9inManila #UNIXERSEinManila #SF9UNIXERSEinMANILA. 

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