So Natural opens its doors to the Philippines with SeoulUnni

Photos By Dana Policarpio

Last November 14, a private event was held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan to celebrate the Philippine launch of So Natural, Seoulunni Philippines’ latest lineup of skincare and cosmetic products to their ever-growing online beauty shopping mall.

So Natural was established in 2007 and has made nature-friendly cosmetics in Korea. Enriched with high functional plant extracts and highly concentrated plant essences, the brand grew in popularity, garnering praise for their products and endorsements from well-known celebrities and influencers in Korea. With So Natural Global established in 2016, So Natural can be found in several countries all over the world, and now here in the Philippines exclusively at, thanks to Ms. Jessica Marie Ranada, official and local distributor of So Natural in the Philippines, Hanmnl. 

The event began with host Sandra Jung greeting guests and calling on the president for So Natural cosmetics to give her opening remarks. Jovi Figueroa from Metro.Style was invited on stage to thank and welcome So Natural to the Philippines.

We were then introduced to the products offered by So Natural. The company offered comprehensive products formulated for various skin types, with product lines ranging from acne-fighting skincare sets and standalone beauty products to their makeup built for creating long-lasting makeup. With new products being introduced each month, So Natural has lined up products that will cater to many different cosmetic needs. 

The first highlight of the event was a skincare routine demonstration by celebrity makeup artist, Emman Magpantay. The spotlight of the demo was the acne-fighting line; with products that contain powerful AHA/BHA formulations and Centella Asiatica to help combat acne and scarring. Standout products used by Emman were the Red Tingle Serum, the Centel Get Back Cream, and the Silk Collagen Ampoule.

After the demo, Cessi Trenas from Wonder Magazine came on stage gave their warm welcome to So Natural here in the Philippines. 

The second highlight from the event was the makeup demonstration by international hair and makeup artist, Ariana Ortega, using So Natural’s makeup line, powder4room. The cosmetics line focused mainly on “fixing” or setting makeup for longer staying power and a more flawless application. One of the standout products during the demo was the Fix It Full Cover Cream, a full coverage base product; the Makeup Sealer for eyeliners and eyeshadows; and the All Day Tight FIXX Setting Spray.

All in all, we’re excited to see and try out all the products from So Natural, and we can’t wait to add So Natural to our carts on our next online shopping trip.

Thanks to SeoulUnni Philippines for inviting us to their event.

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