Stanning Super Junior 101: A Tita’s Guide For Baby ELFs

Congratulations! So you have decided to be an Everlasting Friend (ELF). But, now that you’re part of the fandom, where to go from here? Are you overwhelmed with the huge amount of Super Junior content you’re seeing? You’re not alone, my friend. I know that feeling.

Back when I was new to the fandom, I had no idea what else to listen apart from Sorry Sorry, what to watch, or where to find all the updates about them since there are so many things that are going on with them. And they were just a 4 year old group that time. Luckily for me, a friend happened to be an ELF, too so she recommended me the must-watch variety shows, linked me their older music videos and solo or sub-unit songs, and even showed this forum where I can meet fellow ELF and catch up with the group at the same time. And the rest is history.

While it is much easier now to keep up with anything Super Junior thanks to social media, some baby ELF may still get lost and confused. Fret not, because a certified Tita is here to show you the way around the Super Junior fandom!

First, the Music Videos.

When I didn’t have the time yet to watch their variety shows, I watched the music videos readily available at that time. Back then, I had to download from a fan forum just so I can watch them in HD but now, their MVs are readily available in SM Entertainment’s official Youtube channel and in HD, even their older ones!

Super Junior has released some Japanese MVs, too. Go check them out!

Super Junior is more than Just Sorry Sorry

Sorry Sorry is THAT song, we’re not gonna lie. It catapulted Super Junior into worldwide success and one of the songs that paved the way for the worldwide recognition of K-Pop. But being in the industry for 14 years, the group has released songs in various genres that showcased their vocal range and ability. If you don’t know what to listen first, here’s a playlist to get you started.

The group’s complete discography is available on Spotify.

Let’s Not Forget their Solos and Sub-Units.

Sub-Units? Super Junior did it first! The group has five sub-units, KRY, T, M, Happy, and D&E, but at present, only D&E is the most active. Here’s to hoping that the other sub-units make a comeback and release more bops!

There are also soloists in the group. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung all have officially debuted and released songs that are very pleasant to our ears.

Some members have released solo and collaborative songs via SM Station and drama soundtrack releases.

Sungmin will also make a solo debut and is set to release his first mini album on November 22.

KRY and Sungmin all have made their debut as musical actors, further proving their vocal prowess.

SJ Members can act, too.

Some members are known for their vocal abilities and some are best known for their dancing skills but some are quite good in the acting department, too.

In 2007, all the members, except for Kyuhyun, have made their movie debut through Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. It’s like watching Super Junior being Super Junior in an alternative universe.

Kibum, who first debuted as an actor before joining Super Junior, appeared in numerous dramas including Marrying a Millionaire and I Love Lee Taeri.

Siwon has also starred in numerous Chinese and Korean movies and dramas. He and fellow member Donghae are the lead actors for the Taiwanese drama Skip Beat, a live action adaptation of a Japanese manga of the same title.

Donghae also went on to star in Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog alongside actress Yoon Seung-ah. Yesung and Kangin have also appeared in some dramas and movies.

Variety Shows are the Key.

More than anything, Super Junior is best known for their variety skills. Their comedic timing is perfect and their antics surely tickle our funny bones.

Through their variety shows, we get to know the group better and we get a sneak peak at their lives. But most of all, we get some meme-able content and quotable quotes out of these dorks.

Some of their must-watch shows are Super Junior Show, SJ Full House, and Explorations of the Human Body. Old but gold. But to be honest, any show that has Super Junior on it is good and you’ll never get bored.

Social Media is your Best Friend

Super Junior members are also active in their social media accounts so don’t forget to follow them. If you’re like me who cannot Korean but want to be updated about our favorite old men, K-pop news outlets, SJ fanbases, and individual fan translators are there to save the day.

What I’ve shared might just be the tip of the iceberg. Being a 14 year old group, there are so many things to check out. It’s almost never-ending but trust me, you will never get tired of them.

In case you don’t know yet, Super Junior will return to Manila this December 15 as part of their Super Show 8: Infinite Time World Tour. Tickets will go on sale this November 24 so get ready, fellow ELFs! This concert is brought to us by PULP Live World.

Irish Valdez
Irish is a 20-something fangirl who still dreams of receiving a letter from a famous magic school or becoming a pilot of a giant robot. She also believes that milk tea and pudding are a perfect combination. When not spazzing over her favorite KPop groups or writing articles, Irish is watching anime, or reading books. You can check out her Tumblr!

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