This Month’s Beat: Standing Egg

There may be a silly sound to their name but they are actually a K-Indie gem. And that is why Standing Egg is our artist of the month for November 2019!

Standing Egg (or Standing EGG) is a Korean indie acoustic pop trio under Von Entertainment. They are composed of three “eggs”: Egg 1, Egg 2, and Egg 3. (Yes, we are not kidding. The three members are called “eggs.”) Egg 1 is in charge of composition, Egg 2 in composition and vocals, and Egg 3 in lyrics. The members has generally remained anonymous and would often invite other indie guest artists for their live performances such as Windy (vocals), Clover (vocals and guitars), Han Kyul (bass), and Hana (djembe and percussion).

They group debuted in 2010 and has become a well-known indie artist after their breakthrough song “La la la” from their debut album “With.” Even without promotions, the song caught on and had been shared numerous times on social media sites.

Since then, the group has produced numerous full-length, mini-albums, and singles, as well as OSTs. In 2011, Standing Egg released “Lucky” which contained another one of their popular songs, “Little Star,” a highly-recommended lullaby-esque acoustic with a cool, soothing feel.

In 2012, they released their second studio album, “Like,” as well as the mini-album “Ballad With Windy” featuring guest indie artist Windy. Their other albums (studio and extended plays alike) released thereafter were “Ambler” (2013), “Shine” (2013), “Moment” (2013), “36.5” (2014), “Us,” (2014), “Young” (2015), “Inner” (2015), “Voice” (2016), and “Dramatic” (2017).

The past three years have been quite a busy moment for Standing Egg with several OSTs as well as their own concert tour. In 2016, they sang “I’ll Pick You Up” from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. The following year, in 2017, they had “Wonder” from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, “Ordinary Day” from 20th Century Boy and Girl, and “You Are In My Heart” from Andante.

In 2018, the group had their “STANDING EGG Dramatic Tour” with stops in Bangkok, Taipei, and Hong Kong.

Their latest album, “Poetic,” was released in September 2019. They will also hold a “Poetic Tour” concert which will kick off on December 29. As of writing time, the confirmed stops are all in Korea (Seoul, Daegu, Busan, and Changwon).

Standing Egg and their signature coffee shop, jazzy vibe offer a wonderful breather from the seemingly perfect, techno and heavy pop style typical of popular idol music. While they have generally remained within the confines of the indie music scene, their music has been slowly gaining attention among the general public, almost crossing if not blurring the line between mainstream and indie.


What do you think of their songs? Would you give Standing Egg a try? Aren’t they a perfect match for a me-time on a chill weekend?

Dan Gambe
Dan is a yuppie born in the 90’s who talks a lot when he writes. He has a love-hate relationship with writing, is fond of cats, and thinks mangoes are the key to world peace. The chances of him phonezoning you lies between 80 to 90 per cent but he’ll speak to you if you speak to him so don’t be shy! Follow him on Twitter!

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