17 Beautiful Lyrics From SEVENTEEN

One of the things that come to mind when someone mentions SEVENTEEN is that they are self-producing idols. The members are very hands-on when it comes to composing and writing their songs and choreographing their performances.

While Hoshi and Woozi are credited as the group’s main choreographer and producer, respectively, each member has his contributions too.

Dino is a great choreographer himself, and together with Jun and The8, they have all taken part in creating dance routines for the group as members of the Performance Team. The Hip-Hop Team, composed of Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, and led by general leader S.Coups, write their own rap verse. Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan of the Vocal Team have also lent their talents in penning the lyrics of their songs.

It is a real team effort, making SEVENTEEN one of the most admirable K-Pop groups today. 

With this, it would be more interesting and more meaningful to take a look at some of the beautiful lyrics that came out of every SEVENTEEN album to date. 

1 | Smile Flower (웃음꽃)

From Going Seventeen

언제 어디에 있어도
함께하지 못해도 우린 늘 그렇듯
웃음꽃 피워요
그대 미소에 봄이 돼줄게요


Whenever, wherever
Even if we’re not together, just like always
Our smile flowers bloom
I’ll be the spring to your smile

Translation: popgasa

It’s one of those songs that is sure to set the waterworks on for Carats. In a VLive broadcast, Dino has said “Smile Flower” contains the feelings they want to share with the fans, and the song’s lyricist Woozi has described it as a precious song. In another interview, Vernon has mentioned how he particularly liked the line, “I’ll be the spring to your smile.”

2 | Space (끝이 안보여)

From Love&Letter Repackage

저 멀리 끝에 내가 원하던 게 있을지도 몰라
원하는걸 얻는 건데 얕은 각오보단 수천
배는 힘들 텐데
그렇더라도 더 이상은 조바심을
낼 수가 없어 난
다시 길을 잃는다면 나를 찾으면 돼


Maybe what I want is over there at the end
Getting what I want will be harder than just determination
But I can’t be impatient anymore
If I’m lost again, I need to find it again

Translation: popgasa

During their Boys Wish concert back in 2016, S.Coups has said they wrote this song with honesty. And after reading a complete translation of the song, we can form a vivid image of the struggles they go through to reach their dreams. We may not be K-Pop idols like them, but the song is relatable because one way or the other, we’ve had these moments when we just feel so lost, but we still keep going for that one dream we want to achieve. Though as they say, diamonds have to go through a lot of pressure before their beauty and shine come out. 😉 

3 | Don’t Wanna Cry (울고 싶지 않아)

From Al1

난 괜찮아 (안 괜찮아)
너 보고 싶지 않아 (너무 보고 싶어)
맘에 없는 말들로
거짓말이라도 해야 돼 해야 돼


I’m alright (I’m not alright)
I don’t miss you (I miss you so much)
With words I don’t even mean
Even if they’re lies, I need to say it

Translation: popgasa

For a song entitled “Don’t Wanna Cry,” the lyrics made sure we’ll shed a liter of tears over this. Everything about this song is contradictory, and it made the song all the more heart-wrenching. Pretending things are okay even when they’re not because we have to be strong, even when our hearts are breaking to pieces… Saquette, siz. 

4 | Lie Again (거짓말을 해)

From An Ode

우린 변했고 더 많은 걸 원했어
굳이 마음에도 없는 말로 상처 주고서
매일 네가 필요하면서 널 밀어내곤 해
후회할 거면서


We changed and we wanted more
I hurt you with words that weren’t what I meant
Even as I need you every day, I push you away
Knowing I’m going to regret it

Translation: Hamtaro Gasa / YouTube

Here we go again with all the conflicting statements! “Lie Again” seems like a sequel to “Don’t Wanna Cry,” with Vernon reprising his line from DWC, and the song going along the same theme. Except this time, they’re the ones asking to break up. Stop chopping onions, SEVENTEEN…

5 | My I

From Al1

시간 지나서 너를 만나면
I’ll know uh (넌 나의 미래였다)
I’ll know uh (난 너의 어제였다)
시간 지나서 너를 만나면
I’ll know uh (네가 날 지켜줬다)
I’ll know uh (난 너를 갈망했다)


When I meet you after time passes
I’ll know uh (you were my future)
I’ll know uh (I was your yesterday)
When I meet you after time passes
I’ll know uh (you protected me)
I’ll know uh (I desired you)

Translation: kpopviral

Carats would know the song is inspired by the animation film Your Name. Instead of meeting their soulmates, however, this is Jun and The8 talking to their future selves─the version of themselves who have achieved their dreams. As The8 has explained, “Everyone has a future self waiting for you to arrive there.” And isn’t that beautiful?

6 | Simple

From Love&Letter Repackage

나를 숨쉬게 하는 모든 것이
그저 간단했으면 해
내게서 멀리 더 멀리
더 보이지 않을 때까지


Everything that makes me breathe
I want it to be simple
Until it goes far far away
Until I can’t see

Translation: popgasa

Life isn’t always easy, and sometimes we just wonder why we can’t get the things we want at the snap of our fingers. In this Woozi solo, he expresses the desire for a not-so-complicated life and for our worries to become simple.

7 | Home

From You Made My Dawn

나는 너에게 있을 곳
너는 나에게 있을 곳
Cause I’m your home home home home


I’m the place you can come to
You’re the place I can go to
‘Cause I’m your home home home home

Translation: popgasa

Like the good ol’ adage, home is where the heart is. And home doesn’t necessarily mean a place─it could be a person. For Carats, home is 13 people who have been with us in happiness and in tears through music. 

8 | Thanks (고맙다)

From Director’s Cut

고맙다 고맙다 또 고맙다 뿐이지만
기다림까지 사랑이 뭔지
알려준 너에게


Thank you, thank you, that’s all I can say
How to wait and what love is
You taught me all
Thank you
Thank you

Translation: popgasa

Another song for Carats! Seventeen be thanking us for supporting them when we’re more thankful to them for giving us inspiration, eye─

9 | Still Lonely (이놈의 인기)

From Love&Letter

넘쳐흐르는 인기랑 대조되는
내 속마음은 빈집
밖에서는 높아지는 어깨의 위치
집에서는 혼자 축 쳐져 있지
그러다 못난 내 모습이 거울에


My overflowing popularity is in direct contrast
To the empty house inside of my heart
My chest is puffed when I’m outside
And I slouch when I’m back home
I look into the mirror and see my pathetic self

Translation: kbeat.net

Despite the upbeat sound of “Still Lonely,” the song deals with the topic of someone who is popular and happy around people but is actually feeling empty and sad. Some things are really not always what they seem to be on the outside. 🙁

10 | Pinwheel (바람개비)

From Teen, Age

오는 길을 잃어
오래 걸린대도
돌고 돌아 내게 다시 찾아와주면 돼
먼 훗날이라도


Even if you get lost
And it takes you a while
Come round and round back to me
Even if it’s far ahead in the future

Translation: popgasa

Sometimes things get too busy for us that we forget to keep in touch with the people dear to us and we become distant from each other. While filming the music video for “Pinwheel,” DK has said he kept thinking whether the important people in his life would wait for him should they grow apart. Woozi has explained the song is about waiting for someone, with the pinwheel as a metaphor. 

11 | Campfire

From Teen, Age

우리만은 시간에 쫓겨
잊지는 말아요
얼마나 소중한지 얼마나 고마운지
내일 아침에 달빛이 꺼져도
우리 맘은 꺼지지 않아요


Let’s not be chased by time
And forget
How precious it is, how thankful it is
Even when the moonlight turns off tomorrow morning
Let’s not turn off our hearts

Translation: popgasa

Imagine sitting around a campfire with Seventeen and reminiscing good memories together… Even for international fans like us, we’ve surely made a lot of moments with the boys because they always make sure to reach out to us.

12 | Rocket

From Teen, Age

Drop drop drop it
딱 여기까지
다른 사람 놀이 하지 않기로
너의 어제 오늘 그리고 내일은 yours
시선 따위 don’t care anymore


Drop drop drop it
This is it
I won’t try to act like I’m someone else
Your yesterday, today and tomorrow is yours
Don’t care anymore about others’ eyes on me

Translation: popgasa

Joshua and Vernon tell us to let go of our inhibitions and just be confident about who we are. There is beauty in being true to ourselves, and we must never let other people’s judgment to weigh us down. 

13 | Just Do It (거침없이)

막힘없이 나는 Go
굳이 설명 안 해도
뭐든지 내 맘대로
난 거침없이 걸어가지
거침없이 달려가지
거침없이 날아가지
Get it get it get it ho


Nothing blocks me, I go
I don’t need to explain
I just do whatever I want
Without holding back, I walk
Without holding back, I run
Without holding back, I fly
Get it get it get it ho!

Translation: popgasa

Are worries holding you back from taking the leap? BooSeokSoon─SEVENTEEN’s resident hype men─are telling you to just go for it and do it! 

14 | Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day

From You Make My Day

전부 벗어나 into the wild
그들의 기준에 부합하지 마 이 시간을
우리의 새벽은 더 뜨겁고 날이 밝으면
The world is ours


Escape everything into the wild
Don’t conform to their standards, right now
Our dawn is hotter than day, when the day comes
The world is ours

Translation: popgasa

Just… everything about this song is so sweet. Nakaka-single, hrgh!

15 | Hug (포옹)

From You Made My Dawn

힘들 때면 나에게로
안겨도 돼 나도 같아
숨기고 숨겨도
가려지지 않는단 걸 알잖아
우리 서로는 웃을 수 있게


Whenever you’re having a hard time
You can by hugged by me, I am the same
No matter how much you hide it,
You know that it won’t ever be covered up
So we can smile together

Translation: cheolwangja

Vocal Team promises to embrace you with their warm voice through this song. “Hug” may be short, but it’s comforting and consoling after a long day at school or work. 

16 | Oh My! (어쩌나)

From You Make My Day

나는 너면 need no other
너는 마치 찌더움이 없는 summer yeah
너는 여태 내가 느껴왔던 쓸쓸함의 온점
네 생각에 잠 못 자다가 보면 오전


If it’s you, I need no other
You’re like the summer without the overbearing heat
You’re the boiling point to my loneliness
I can’t sleep because of you and suddenly it’s morning already

Translation: popgasa

Endless scrolling through the Twitter feed for timely updates and binge-watching every fan cam and variety shows until the break of dawn? Yep─sounds a lot like me. We definitely can’t sleep because of you, SEVENTEEN!

17 | Second Life

From An Ode

나에게 두 번째 삶이 온다면
아마도 지금과는 다르게 살아가고 숨 쉬겠지만
모른 채 지날 거리 속에 우린 서로를 기억하기를
그다음 생에도 그때도 너에게로


If I am given a second life
I may live and breathe differently compared to now
Among the streets, we’ll walk past each other without knowing
I hope we remember each other
Even in our next life, even then I’ll go to you

Translation: @17_HAMZZI

The story of the song is simple and not unheard of, but it’s always interesting to think about how things would be like in a parallel universe or in our next life. One thing’s for sure, though─I’d always choose to be a Carat in whichever lifetime!


Which is your favorite SEVENTEEN song? Tell us in the comments!

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