#KStreetPicks: Best K-Dramas of 2019

With another year coming to an end, let’s take a look at 10 K-Dramas that caught everyone’s attention and hearts!

10. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is fresh in its take with plastic surgery. Of course, as the world is changing every day, it’s nice to watch a drama tackling such concepts. Cha Eun-woo and Im Soo-hyang served stunning visuals and chemistry in this drama. And again, yes Cha Eun-woo is stunning… 

9. Arthdal Chronicles

To be honest, if not for the long intervals and cliffhangers per episode and season, this Netflix-produced drama could’ve been at the Top 5. It’s somehow unsuccessful in maintaining its viewership until the second season.

Nonetheless, it’s still on our Top 10 for the star-studded casting, exceptionally good acting, and well-written script. Every outfit, every set design, every character is well-thought of. Everything was properly sewn together.

It’s notable how the drama tackled different types of both economic and social systems and is trying to compare it to today’s society. Arthdal Chronicles successfully showed character developments here and there. With Song Joon-ki and Kim Ji-won as the protagonists of this story, you’d be speechless with how they depicted their roles. They’re just amazing. The drama ends ambiguously (because the writers really love cliffhangers) and fans are still waiting for an announcement about a possible third season!

8. Her Private Life

If we’re to rank the best lead couple out of everyone from each of the dramas listed here, it’ll be Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook. Her Private Life is VERY RELATABLE to all the fangirls out there! It did a good portrayal of the ups and downs of being a fangirl⁠—especially of being a fansite-nim like the female lead’s character.

If you’re not a Kim Jae-wook stan, you might not be expecting something from him in this drama, but damn, he IS something here. You have to watch it to find out.

Overall, the drama has a cliche plot, but it was kind of successful in putting a bit of twist there. So, everyone’s still satisfied in the end. Actually, #SanaAll feels is everywhere in this drama.

Oh, lastly… just gonna put this out here but the Park Min-young and Kim Jae-Wook’s kissing scenes… are out of this world…

7. He Is Psychometric

He Is Psychometric is that 2019 drama that successfully balanced the mystery and the romance in it. Actors, GOT7’s Park Jin-young, and Shin Ye-eun showed outstanding skills for their debut drama as lead characters. They made an attractive tandem off and on-cam. Their chemistry is undeniable! (And this is coming from a Jinyoung stan.)

The plot, although it might be kinda cliche, is well-written. You’ll be surprised that you’ve reached half of the drama before figuring out who the real killer is. The drama has a really warm ending… you’ll surely miss it. And oh, last but not the least—the OST is on point too! 

6. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You Korean drama starring Kim Hye-yoon and Kim Ro-woon

Extraordinary You is a must-watch for the visuals, the freshness, and the cuteness! The drama’s cast consists of mostly rookie actors, but boy, they made a very worthwhile drama!

Although there might be some adjustments that have to be done to the scriptwriting, it’s overall good. The cast’s acting skills are on point and they matured well in the drama! The lead couple, played by SF9’s Rowoon, and Kim Hye-yoon absolutely served perfect heart-fluttering scenes! Also, beware—because the second lead syndrome is also too strong on this one, with Lee Jae-wook playing the second lead.

The drama has maintained its warm, romantic, and funny vibes from the start until the end. Plus, the OST is also cute and it really matches emotions of the cast. After checking out this drama, you might want to check out their behind-the-scenes videos where the characters show their really, really, playful sides *wink* 

5. Love Alarm

Love Alarm matured too fast but also stole everyone’s heart too fast! It’s a Netflix-produced drama based on a webtoon that tell the story of teenagers finding love through a mobile application which is called ‘Love Alarm’. After watching its first season with only eight episodes, you’ll actually wonder who the lead couple really is.

Love Alarm’s main characters are portrayed by Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram. The actors really did well. You can really see that they have invested a deep empathy to the characters they are playing for the drama. The cast executed perfect connection with each other and they also served visuals all throughout the drama!!! The three main characters announced its second season, and fans are crazily waiting for it!

4. Sky Castle

Sky Castle is a refreshing dark comedy-drama. Although character developments in the drama are too sudden, it is a drama that people, especially parents, can deeply relate to. Looking into it, it’s quite a mockery of the rich people’s struggle mixed with a good representation of the real society that we are living in. It reflects the genuine desire of parents to want what is best for their children but can go evil. The ending was questionable, but we can’t deny how good the drama really is.

3. The Crowned Clown

Yeo Jin Goo could’ve won Best Actor of the Year in this drama. He’s really, really, good in this one.

The Crowned Clown is the highest-rated drama in South Korea for the first half of 2019. This melodrama gave out the right feels. It has a warm touch amid the intense conflict in its plot⁠—which is about changing a rotten society. Viewers weren’t just that satisfied with the ending… but it’s successful in encouraging its viewers to connect well with the characters’ struggles. (The drama’s goodness leaves me speechless)

2. Kingdom

For a change, Netflix came up with a horror South Korean series –and everyone absolutely liked it (jinjja!). Even if you’re not a fan of horror series, you might want to watch this at first because of the hype and then eventually loving it. It is all about zombies and how the social class system works. Its production design is realistically done. More than that, the storyline of the series is really something. After every episode, you’ll keep wanting more… and then more. Although it might be a bummer because the first season is just six episodes! But its second season is now in the works and might be released early next year!

1. Hotel Del Luna

If you’re in for an all-in-one drama—Hotel Del Luna it is. It’s tear-jerking, funny, romantic, and yes—it’s also scary for some parts *wink*

Of course there’s a reason why it’s hailed as the highest-rated drama in 2019 for South Korean television! Its plot is well-written to the point that you’ll also get attached with the characters who are just passing through each episode. Personally, Hotel Del Luna teaches a lot of lessons to both the young and old generations of today.

The drama’s cast is a fresh combination of both long-time actors and rising ones. Lead couple, Lee Jieun or commonly known as IU, and Yeo Jin Goo gave out exceptional chemistry towards each other and as well the other cast too. Also, the second lead syndrome in this drama is too strong!

One of the things that’s very much unforgettable about the drama is its production design. From the setting of hotels and restaurants used in the drama to the outfits, everything is definitely well-thought of! IU’s outfits are remarkable af!

Last but not least, one of the important factors that also made Hotel Del Luna a must-watch drama is its OST. It added a lot of feels to each and every scene of the drama—from the funny to the romantic ones.

I might have said a lot about Hotel Del Luna, so I hope you get my point… that you HAVE to watch it!


Which K-Drama made your 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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