FACT: IU and Her Music Never Fail to Relay Real Emotions

IU is one of a kind.

I first knew IU because of her binge-worthy dramas. She is a great actress. She portrays her roles well. And just like in her music career, she relays her emotions thoroughly to her fans’ hearts. I am one of those lucky ones who appreciate her music so much.

IU is currently performing in different countries for her Love, Poem Concert Tour. In the middle of the tour, her latest mini-album Love, Poem (2019), has been released—and of course, the mini-album did not disappoint! All tracks, literally, in the mini-album took over Korean music charts in its first day.

But amidst the success IU is garnering these days…she is still a human who’s hurting for the loss of her friends.

I haven’t been into one of IU’s concerts in my life, but I’ve watched a lot of fan-cams. And for some reason, I’ve always cried when she’s singing Dear Name and Someday. There’s something in IU’s way of singing that really touches my heart (and I guess, the heart of many others out there too.) 

IU cried on her concert while singing her last song "Dear Name" . She knew that she lost another friend😭 It really breaks my heart seeing her cry.STAY STRONG IU, STAY STRONG 😪❤

Posted by Korean Fans Community on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Last November 23, in her recent Seoul concert, she remembered Sulli by making it feel like her dear friend is there watching her—just like Sulli did every year. IU dedicated Love, Poem to Sulli and to everyone who needs to be comforted and loved.

Sulli and IU are really close with each other. IU even asked Sulli if she can play a cameo role in IU’s 2019 hit drama Hotel Del Luna. She also posted Sulli’s drawing on Instagram which she used for her Chat-shire 2015 mini album.

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지은이랑 지은이랑 🥰

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In IU’s 2018 concert, she paid tribute to another close friend. She deviated from her original set list to sing the song, Gloomy Clock. Jonghyun and IU performed this song 4 years ago, at Jonghyun’s solo concert. IU told the audience that she hopes the song reaches the person she really miss—Jonghyun.

This is how IU treasures everyone close to her whole-heartedly. She uses her music as a pathway for her emotions. This is what I most love about IU: the way she connects to her audience, may it be a fan of hers or not. 

No matter how sad she is, or how she’s having a hard time hitting her high notes on concerts, when she sing. Suddenly the crowd knows what she’s going through. It’s like IU openly sharing her ups and downs to the world and sending a message to the world—that it’s okay to feel sad, that someone is there for you… and that you are not alone.

I know this just by watching some fan cams of portions of her concerts only. What more if it’s really at her concert? Watching her perform live? That’d be unforgettable.


So, I hope you have the chance to see IU perform live on December 13, at the Big Dome and connect with her through music and love. #IULovePoemInMNL is brought to us by Pulp Live World.