Chapters of IU’s Love Poem

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Who would have thought that Friday the 13th can leave the best memories in our hearts?

As we turned each page that night, we saw how IU grew as an artist and how she slowly fell in love with Maenas.

It’s been 11 years since IU, who we also love and know as Lee Ji-eun, debuted in the entertainment industry. But only on the 13th of December when she held her very first concert here in the Philippines at the Araneta Coliseum.


The Maenas’ moment began on a Friday night. The longing turned to happiness when a bright light illuminated the stage and IU entered, wearing her lilac mesh dress and silver pumps, to perform her latest upbeat and refreshing track, Unlucky.

Yearnful screams and high-spirited chants from Maenas put a smile on IU’s face, a smile that can’t be taken away. IU filled the dome with the colors of Palette, an electro-pop hit in collaboration with Big Bang’s G-Dragon. That time, she performed the acoustic version of the song and adorably rapped the lines of G-Dragon on the track.

IU’s voice dived deep into our soul when she sang her folk lullaby rendition of the 1991 song, Autumn Morning. After the nostalgic performance, IU continued with a song befitting that night, Friday.

“It’s okay not to be happy for a day. But not today.” IU said before she performed her cover of the 2003 ballad-pop song, Secret Garden.

“You guys are really passionate. So charming. I feel like I fell in love. You guys are best! Ang galing niyo!” – IU


IU’s message to her fans since then is simple: “I & You.” That night when she visited Maenas, we felt that connection, pure and strong.

Rocking in her oversized sequined T-shirt, fishnet stockings, and biker boots, IU began the second part of the concert with her self-written and self-produced track, The Visitor. She said some of her songs, such as The Visitor, are not very famous in Korea but are well-loved here and commended Maenas for having a good taste.

“The sound from the crowd is louder than the sound from the mic… Masaya ang pakiramdam ko!” – IU

The night wasn’t complete without her 2018 chart-topper single, Bbibbi.

“I think this [Last Night Story] is the national anthem of the Philippines!” – IU

Maenas felt Blueming knowing how IU cares and appreciates them. During the performance, they were zealously waving their banners with blue roses.

“I can only hear your chants on stage! Daebak! Salamat dahil gusto niyo ako!” – IU


A question worth thinking of: “What is the true meaning of our loved ones to us?”

IU in her sweet ruffled dress answered that question with her rendition of the 1984 song, Meaning Of You.

Maenas received their special gift from IU when she performed her cover of M.Y.M.P. acoustic-folk song, Say You Love Me.

“If there are people sleeping right now, don’t wake them up.” 

“It’s the first time I heard a fanchant that loud for Through The Night! Among all my concerts!” ­– IU

“If you guys have time next week, would you like to go to Indonesia? If all my concerts have this kind of crowd, I’ll be so happy!” – IU

“Babalik ako!” – IU


Maenas have waited for a night of miracle and even if it took us so long, IU didn’t fail us and kept her promise of a four-hour concert.

The encore began with IU’s 2010 hit single, Good Day, where she boasted her iconic three high-pitched notes. She came back wearing a casual Black floral dress and Purple cardigan.

“No one left! Wow. In Korea, Busan is the City of Passion. But the ranking has changed! No one can beat [the passion of] Manila!” – IU

IU shares that she appreciates her fans who book flights just to see her, memorize fan chants in Korean, and write letters for her.

“Salamat! Babalik ako para makita kayo ulit!” – IU

One of her last songs is Love Poem, the title track of her latest album. During her performance, Maenas showed their love and warmth once again when they turned on their phones with blue screens.


“For me, Filipino fans don’t have a certain song that they want. You just really wanna have fun! And I can see that you guys are really enjoying this moment!” – IU

Maenas have been treated so special, from singing along with IU to requesting songs for her to sing.

“Should I sing one more song? Okay. I’ll sing one more song because it’s Manila.” – IU

“See you soon!” – IU

We’d like to thank PULP Live World for inviting us to cover the Love Poem in Manila!

This event is brought to us by Kakao M, Kong Yeon Team, DX Media Limited, and PULP Live World.

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