Lee Jinhyuk shines bright at S.O.L fan meeting in Manila

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Just a month after his solo debut, Lee Jinhyuk showed no signs of stopping on making the most of his popularity after Produce X 101. Just a few places off the coveted ranks that would later debut X1, Jinhyuk saw this as motivation to make a name for himself, with Honey10 and V-Dans by his side.

His “S.O.L Fan Meeting” around Asia is a way to thank fans for their support. The Manila stop was held last December 14 at the New Frontier Theater, an intimate setting for Filipino fans.

Getting to Know Jinhyuk

Photo by Arian Blasquez

The show began with a performance of “I Like That,” Jinhyuk’s lead track from his solo debut EP of the same title. Describing Manila as “hot” because of his passionate fans, Jinhyuk is as equally fired up as he impressed fans with his amazing dance moves and rap.

But once the performance is over, Jinhyuk turns into a slightly shy yet charming boy who admitted that he was nervous for this fan meeting. After much encouragement, he becomes more at ease as he answers questions from the host about his songs, share stories about his Instagram photos.

Solving the Lee Jinhyuk Mystery

The next segment involves Jinhyuk picking out mystery cards with certain topics that let him talk about his likes and dislikes.

Jinhyuk was game about everything, from having his long (110 cm-long) legs measured by the host, freestyling a rap under his “new” rap name Masa-RAP (and his reaction when finding out what the word actually means), and demonstrating moves inspired by his idol Michael Jackson.

Unleashing the Gamer

Jinhyuk is known among his fans as a gamer, and he showed his competitive side after his performance of “VILLAIN.”

He got a taste of the classic Filipino game, tumbang preso, in which he had to throw oversized slippers into an oversized can.

Jinhyuk also got through the balloon popping game, though he had to do some missions—dancing to “I Like That” at twice the speed, doing 10 push-ups, and showing his sexy moves to “Havana.”

And while he was game at the abovementioned missions, he was less inclined to do aegyo (plus Mimiyuuuh’s Dalagang Filipina pose) and a morning call. In fact, he was so embarrassed with his morning call that he asked fans not to post it on social media!

Until Sunrise, Until Dawn

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and with V-Dans’ case, the end of the fan meeting neared when Jinhyuk sang the last song in his EP, “Follow Me & You.”

With no host this time, Jinhyuk expressed his thanks to his fans, and mentioned that he connected with everyone at the venue despite the language barrier.

In return, V-Dans and Honey10 alike surprised Jinhyuk with a video message and banners raised with the words “Until sunrise, till dawn, we will be with you. You are the brightest sun in our lives.” Just as Jinhyuk was nicknamed “Baby Sun” for his bright smile and positive outlook, fans aspire to be his sunshine as well.

Two hours wasn’t enough for a fun fan meeting, but with the way Jinhyuk raved about the night as “masaya, nakakatuwa, at napakalupit,” we’re confident that we’ll see him again in the near future.


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