PH My Days had ‘Time of Our Life’ at DAY6 Gravity in Manila

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We all have a bad day sometimes. Perhaps you have deadlines to meet at work, and then have to endure the long hours of waiting in line to get home. It could also be you are experiencing a slump in your grades, and your only big shot to pass is to ace that final exam. There are days when life can be difficult and exhausting – searching for a reason to live for another day.

Gravitated: The Music

The moment that beat dropped for Best Part, it was definitely a start of a night that would be unforgettable. It was a sight to behold in the SMART Araneta Coliseum – fans were up on their feet, jumping to every beat while waving their white handkerchiefs, a fan project initiative. The band proceeded with a series of upbeat songs like – Sing Me, Wish, Somehow, and Time of Our Life.

Things slowed down a bit (think sunsets), the boys performed a groovy roster composing of So Cool, Out of My Mind, and Feeling Good.

After showing one cool stage after the other, the boys brought the kilig with How to love, For me, and Wanna Go Back. Mainly composed of four vocalists, it was to hear Dowoon, the group’s drummer and maknae, sing his portion of the song.

A personal favorite, the boys further showcased their musicality with a mash-up of some B-sides Like that Sun, days gone by, and Blood with Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Bruno Mars’ Treasure, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky – all rolled up into a ball by (DJ) Wonpil.

While every DAY6 song is a delight to listen to, this writer has always preferred more of their grungy, darker, and sentimental tracks. The back-to-back play of Colors and I Need Somebody was so emotionally raw that the lyrics just cut right through (both songs contained lyrics asking for help).

After that beautiful set, the boys picked it up again but with the adorable progression of titles (and emotions) with I Wait, I’m Serious, I like you, and lean on me. The progression went on a full rock blast with certified headbangers Headache, WARNING!, and Shoot Me.

For their last set, the boys closed out with Cover and crowd favorites You Were Beautiful and Congratulations. But the show was far from over as the boys came out after a funny VCR with more – DANCE DANCE and Free.

Gravitated: The Band

As this was the band’s second sold-out visit to the Philippines, it was obvious that the boys felt right at home with the crowd. Lead guitarist Jae served as the emcee hyping up the crowd and countlessly describing the night as “beautiful”. (There were hilarious times wherein he was a panicked translator – deciphering correctly the other members’ – particularly Sungjin’s – attempt to speak English.) Dowoon radiated “big baby energy” that night and fans couldn’t help but gush at his adorable way of speaking in English.

Unlike concerts of dance groups wherein solos are lumped together in a certain set, the boys’ individual moments were scattered amongst their songs, providing a seamless transition within their songs. This writer was particularly impressed to finally listen live to Young K’s (Brian) dynamic vocal versatility from spitfire rap to screamo.

‘You are our Beautiful Reason’

While the group shined brightly on stage, it was My Days that were the stars of the show.

There had been tweets circulating that My Days don’t do fan chants, but they sing along with DAY6 as if being a choir. And true enough, it was a heavenly experience unlike any other. There was a point during the concert wherein the band let the fans sing a significant portion of I’m Serious, which the boys noted that they usually sing it during the later part of the concert but they were already feeling it at that moment. It was also beautiful listening to the crowd singing altogether during the band’s debut track, Congratulations.

Before the band moved to their final set, PH My Days surprised the boys with a touching video showcasing snippets of how the fans are living every day and how DAY6’ music served as their comfort to get through the day.

The message in the video read, “I’ll give you my everything for your music that brings comfort during tough times, for your existence that brings hope and courage. To live for another day. To strive harder. To love ourselves more. You are our beautiful reason.

The video opened a floodgate of emotions, and the boys can’t help feeling emotional.

“This is really touching. It’s crazy. I think this is really awesome. When did you guys prepare this? It’s really awesome. First of all, it’s our second time here and thank you guys for so many of you came out tonight to have fun with us. Watching the video, I realized how busy you guys are and also how many hard things you go through. And I’m so happy that we are even if it’s a small bit, we became a reason for your living. This video is really crazy. So even us, we are just humans. We go through difficult things as we are your reason, you guys are also our reason. Thank you guys so much and I don’t think I’ll be able to forget Manila. You guys are crazy. We promise we will come back. Thank you guys for reminding us why we make this music and why we perform. Mahal ko kayo. See you guys again!” – Wonpil

“First of all, this video, like what Wonpil said, is really touching. Like Wonpil said, since we are also humans, it’s actually hard too. But watching the video you guys made, I suddenly have so much strength. Actually, this moment is like a reflective time for me – looking how much we affect you guys and how much you love us, I realized how much I have to do better. [in English] Thank you guys for our good memories. Today’s stage is a present to us. You, one by one, are very important people. Stay healthy and eat well. We always love you guys. We will come back. Thank you.” – Dowoon

Being the group’s resident composer and lyricist, Young K’s ment hit right in the heart knowing the grueling process of producing one song after another.

“By watching the video, it made me confirm why we sing. During the production of this album (referring to group’s sophomore album from The Book of Us series, Gravity), I wrote it on my personal ‘thanks to’… after a certain point, it was really hard to find for the reason why we sing on this stage because we are doing the same thing over and over again. I wasn’t doing it for my parents, I wasn’t doing it for the company. It wasn’t [about] the competition anymore. I was looking for the reason why and there you go, you gave us the answer. Thank you very much. You guys said, “We are the reason.” But trust me, you guys are our motivation, you guys are our inspiration, you guys are the reason to be on the stage so thank you very much. Till the next time we meet, to have this much fun again, please stay healthy and happy.” – Young K

“So happy. You guys make me happy. Always. Thank you so much. Really, really. I wanna tell you guys (that you’re) awesome guys. I trust you, so just do whatever you want to do. Study hard and work hard. We’ll come back. See you soon.” – Sungjin [in his cute broken English]

“First of all, thank you guys so much. You guys are amazing. Just the energy, you know. Thank you so much for just coming down with the journey with us and becoming one with us, and making this concert with us. So a round of applause to yourself. Kinda like everyone else is saying, that video makes us feel a lot because we do get stuck sometimes. We think sometimes why we do certain things.” – Jae

At this moment, Jae broke down into tears which he said he rarely does in front of other people. Dowoon, being the big baby that he is, ran over to him cutely to comfort him and sing him a Christmas song. On the other hand, Sungjin corrected the crowd to chant, “More cry!” instead of “Uljima! (Don’t cry!)

“You guys are lucky. No one ever sees me cry. It’s just like, life gets so hard sometimes. I’m really appreciative of the fact that we have you guys and you guys have us. And that we could be each other’s reason… to continue… Damn, that was wack. I never cry. This never happened. No one will put this up on Twitter, promise me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my reason to continue to do my best so thank you, guys.” – Jae

For Filipino My Days and DAY6 last November 23, they were each other’s reason to go on living.

DAY6 Gravity World Tour in Manila was presented by PULP Live World and JYP Entertainment.

Cheska De Ocampo
Cheska considers herself a 24/7 writer as she writes professionally and voluntarily. Having the opportunity to join KStreetManila, she combines two of her loves – writing and Korean culture. Her Spotify playlist consists majority of GOT7, but she is willing to listen to other genres and artists.

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