“STAN LOONA”: PH athlete promos K-Pop group at SEA Games opening

If you’ll be shown across the whole of Southeast Asia, might as well grab the opportunity and do free promos for your fave K-Pop group right? And that’s what exactly a Pinoy athlete did at the recently held 2019 Southeast Asian Games Opening Ceremonies, November 30, at the Philippine Arena!

During the Philippines turn for the parade of athletes, a female Filipino athlete (whose name and sports we are yet to know as of writing time) raised not only the country’s flag but also her phone with “STAN LOONA” written on it. “Stan LOONA” is a well-known catch phrase among Orbits, fans of K-Pop girl group LOONA, when promoting their idols.

Fans quickly noticed it from the Philippine Star’s photo set posted on Facebook, praising her for being a proud K-Pop fan and calling her a “legend,” “the real MVP,” and someone who is “doing God’s work.”

If you were the athlete, would you do the same for your fave group?

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