Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Manila: Super Junior Found Love with PH ELFs

Written by Bienelle Aronales

Photos by Diantha Matienzo

“Even though it’s been a long time, you’re still here with us.”

This sentiment has been echoed by all of the members of Super Junior at some point during their Super Show 8: Infinite Time concert in Manila last December 15. The sentence carries weight as ELFs have waited patiently for all of the Super Junior members to finish their mandatory military service.

With Ryeowook and Kyuhyun finally back from their military service, PH ELFs have welcomed a total of eight members during their concert at the Mall of Asia Arena with their vibrant pearl sapphire blue light sticks and enthusiastic screams.

Love from ELFs of All Ages

The K-Pop Kings began their set with a song from their newest album Time Slip, “The Crown”. It was the best song to start their concert, second only to “SUPERMAN” in hyping the crowd as everyone began cheering enthusiastically with Yesung’s “I’m ready for you now.”

Indeed, Filipino ELFs have been ready for SuJu’s return since after their last concert in Manila, Super Show 7 ended on June 30 the previous year. Fans of all ages, from titas to the younger generation pulled in by “Super Clap,” were all enthusiastic in showing their love and support for Super Junior. Every song and performance had them up on their feet, yelling both the song lyrics and the fan chants as every K-Pop concert is privy to here in Manila.

Clad in white suits and their biggest, brightest smiles, Super Junior performed “The Crown” and a remix of “A Man in Love”. They also performed a crowd favorite, the lead single of their fourth album and their fastest rise to the top of the chart, “Bonamana”.

The light sticks flashed red and blue as the explosive performance of “Bonamana” rocked the world of thousands of ELFs in the MOA Arena. After that, SuJu also performed a rearranged Korean version of their Japanese single, “Blue World.”

Their first ment came shortly after that, the members expressing their gratitude and happiness in returning once again to the warm embrace of their PH ELFs. Shindong even commented, “Every time we come to the Philippine, it’s always so nice. Mahal ko kayo!”

Noticing the unwavering enthusiasm of their fans, Shindong playfully asked if the fans can scream loud enough to raise the roof. The fans in the arena gamely played along, yelling at the top of their lungs to make Super Junior happy.

It was truly a heartwarming reunion of sorts as Super Junior and their Filipino Ever Lasting Friends met once more on a night filled with loud fan chants, amazing performances, and a heartfelt exchange of love between fans and idols.

“No Other” but Super Junior and ELFs

ELFs have been with Super Junior for almost 15 years, went through so many ups and downs together and yet have remained steadfast in their faith, love, and support in each other. For this exact reason Super Junior has profusely thanked PH ELFs for their continued support.

PH ELFs showed their love to Super Junior with projects such as the word formation during “No Other” which was “I ♡ SUJU”. Fans also showed their love for the group with banners that said “It’s You. From the start, today, tomorrow, until the end. It’s you.”

The group felt the overwhelming love from their fans, returning their love with a special VCR they made precisely for them.

The members of Super Junior prepared a special VCR for their fans, acknowledging that it’s not easy to wait for someone for over 10 years. ELFs have stayed by their side through all the challenges and hardships, so Super Show 8 became a love letter of sorts for their beloved Ever Lasting Friends.

When asked what Love meant to each member, they responded bashfully with their own views.

“The world becomes a better place with love.”

“Love is the clear blue sky, and the ELFs watching this video.”

Their ment have all comprised of playful banter between the members and their fans. Donghae was especially feeling festive as he sang “Donghae Claus is coming today~” repeatedly throughout their concert. Eunhyuk, on the other hand, seemed transfixed on the humming song of Disney’s latest movie, Frozen 2.

He hummed in a high-pitched tone similar to the one in the movie throughout the concert, making his fellow members and all their fans laugh at his cute antics. Most of the members jumped in on his enthusiastic humming, making the crowd laugh and cheer at how on-point they did the humming despite doing it humorously.

SuJu and ELFs, together

Towards the end of their concert, Super Junior once again reiterates the meaning of love to them.

“Love is Philippines!”

“Because we love YOU.”

“Love is memory. Me and you, together.”

“15 years. Memories of 15 years together and more.”

“Love is SJ. Love is Manila.”

Super Junior also asked their friends what they thought about love. All the ELFs in the arena unanimously answered with all their hearts, “SUPER JUNIOR!”

After performing their newest song, “Super Clap”, the members also performed a mix of classic fan favorites such as “Sorry, Sorry Answer”, “Sorry, Sorry”, and “Sexy, Free and Single.” Everyone at the MOA Arena sang their hearts out and danced to the catchy beat of their favorite groups tunes.

The iconic 15-year boy group ended their concert with a special announcement. As Manila is their final leg for Super Show 8 this year, they told the fans something they haven’t announced until then. They are apparently preparing for a new album, and that Super Show 9 is in the works.

Super Junior asked the fans to wait patiently as they prepare more exciting songs to perform for their ELFs and that they wish to perform in Manila next year for two days. The idol group has already announced that they will definitely return for SS9 in Manila next year and PH ELFs are nothing but hyped!

PH ELFs went home with their hearts full of anticipation for Super Junior’s next return to the country. Until then, ELFs will continue to become Super Junior’s source of strength and the embodiment of their everlasting love.


We would like to thank PULP Live World for letting us cover this momentous event. Super Show 8: Infinite Time in Manila was brought to you by PULP Live World and SM Entertainment.

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