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Why You Should Watch Super Show 8 in Manila

In case you missed the news, Super Junior is coming back to Manila on December 15 for the eighth installment of their Super Show. However, some of you have probably made up your...

The 5 Times Lee Jinhyuk Captivated Us All

Whether as UP10TION’s Wei or as Lee Jinhyuk, this gentleman has certainly fascinated us in many ways.

WATCH: MNL48 Team L dances to Produce48’s Nekkoya!

MNL48’s Team L released their performance of Nekkoya, the theme song of survival show Produce48.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Stan WINNER

Guess who'll be back in Manila? Yes, WINNER! And what better way to get ourselves hyped up for their return than to get to know these talented idols? The quartet, composed of leader...

A Dazzling Night in SF9’s UNIXERSE

In that dazzling night that was SF9's UNIXERSE in Manila, our writer came out marupok for the group. Read her story here.

So Natural opens its doors to the Philippines with SeoulUnni

So Natural KR opens its doors to the Philippines with in a grand launch last November 14.

It’s A Beautiful Night with Jang Ki Yong

A deeper look at Jang Ki Yong's milestones as an artist.

LOOK: 6 IG-worthy outfit ideas from IU

Looking for an IG-worthy outfit? Not to worry--take a leaf from K-Pop star IU's own Instagram feed!

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Somi to hangout with the Guerrero dancer siblings!

After being impressed with their dance cover of her comeback single "What You Waiting For?" Jeon Somi announced that she will be hanging out...

This Month’s Beat: Vanilla Acoustic

This August, Vanilla Acoustic is KStreetManila’s artist of the month! Vanilla Acoustic is a duo composed of Vanilla Man and Sung Ah. Vanilla Man is...

13 of Girls’ Generation’s Empowering Anthems

Say what you want about Girls’ Generation, but there’s no denying that they are one of the girl groups to pave the way for...