10 Memorable Guests that Made us Laugh in Running Man

It has been 10 years since Running Man started making us laugh—a decade of laughter, unexpected surprises, and exciting games. Although there’s been a mix of changes in terms of fixed members and show format, the show never failed to invite exciting guests over, shaking things up from the infamous hide and seek bell game to doing extreme sports. And so, before we meet the present cast of Running Man in Manila on February 9th, let’s look back at the 10 unforgettable Running Man guests that made the show a lot more memorable.

Lee Hyori

The pioneer guest of the decade-long variety show will of course, be a part of the list! Lee Hyori’s unquestionable chemistry with the emcees, especially Yoo Jaesuk, could be seen with how comfortable she is the whole episode. We hope she’ll be a guest again this year!


Who could forget the episode with Yunho’s hilarious drawing of the rhinoceros? And their Phantom of the Opera-themed episode? Changmin and Yunho proved their variety skills and competitive side in all the episodes they’ve been with the Running Man members.

Choi Min Soo

The intimidating actor was such a successful guest in hunting the Grasshopper, Yoo Jaesuk, that he’s still one of the most unforgettable guests in the show! His intimidation was proven to be so long-lasting that the mere mention of his name shakes all the members to the bone!

Park Ji Sung

Famous football player Park Jisung showed a whole different side to everyone by showing his clumsy and funny side. But when it came to his beloved sport, everyone got mesmerized at his talent!

Moon Geun Young

No one could tame the scary Kim Jongkook—until actress Moon Geun Young came along! It was a delight to see how the ‘tough’ Kim Jongkook softened at the sight of the ‘nation’s sister’


Running Man members had to play hide and seek with a bell with the members of EXO! It was hilarious to see all of them combine their strength to take out Kim Jongkook.

Kim Woobin

The actor showed a laid back character in the show, and delighted viewers with his amusing chemistry with friend Lee Kwangsoo.


The legendary group showed just how great their teamwork is on both episodes that they came out with. Their variety skills never wavered—their competitive streak busted out the funniest antics, giving one of the best episodes.

Jung Yonghwa

The CN Blue leader could be called a Running Man veteran with the numerous times he’s been a guest on the show. He never failed to entertain the viewers with his hardworking ways—and on top of that, he’s also ripped off Kim Jongkook’s name tag!

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool himself was one of Running Man’s most recent guest, and he blended just right in! He played the games really well, despite the language barrier. We hope to see him again as a guest on the show!


All the Running Man members and guests were of course, memorable. With a whole decade under their belt, we hope to see more guests and more laughter in the years to come. Catch all the Running Man members on February 9th at Mall of Asia Arena. See you there!

Aya Ople
Aya is a self-proclaimed funny person (she is). She also writes for a living and translates whenever the need calls. Aya also believes in the saying “if you’re in a bad situation today, the next one will be good for sure.”

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