Cats, Hugs, and Love: Kim Myungsoo Falls For Manila Anew

Photos by Andy Flores

Things can get really clingy, extra, and emotional when you’ve been parted with someone you treasure a lot for so long. But it is exactly this separation that makes meeting again a lot extra special, too.

Idol-actor Kim Myungsoo returned to Manila last Sunday, January 12, for his “Come With Me” Fan Meeting at the New Frontier Theater. This was the first time Myungsoo held a solo event in the Philippines. The last time he performed in the country was in 2015, then still a member of his K-Pop group INFINITE. After almost five years, he came back with so much excitement, bringing with him a ton of surprises, love, and kilig.

Cats with Kim Myungsoo

Recent years saw Kim Myungsoo’s rise as an up-and-coming actor in the Korean entertainment industry. He is one of the most sought-after idol-actors and his almost never-ending casting in many drama series proves he has been doing a great job. It is not surprising, therefore, that Myungsoo has repeatedly talked (and been asked) about his journey as an actor. His most recent drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” where he played the role of an angel was a challenge, he said, because it was not easy to find an inspiration and to relate to how angels actually feel and act. Yet, the drama was a success and fans have loved his character.

Kim Myungsoo at his press conference before his fan meeting where he talked about his dramas and his career as an actor.

If 2019 gave us “angel” Myungsoo, this year, we’ll have “cat” Myungsoo for his upcoming drama “Welcome.” Taking the role of a cat-turned-human, Myungsoo seriously but candidly said that he has been observing his own pet cat, Byeol, as inspiration. His frequent mention of how he has been preparing for this role showed how excited he is for this new series. He even kidded that watching “Welcome” would make every viewer want a pet cat. If he can confidently say that, then that just shows his dedication and degree of immersion he has taken for this role!

As to what fans can expect of actor Kim Myungsoo in the future, he said he would explore a few new things including variety shows (which he believes is quite intimidating), fresh new roles and characters, too, and perhaps a give-in to Filipino fans’ wish to see him more in historical dramas.

Hugs with Kim Myungsoo

It rained a lot of selcas and skinship, showing how much Myungsoo missed his Filipino fans. He almost never failed to hug every single fan who went up the stage to participate in a series of games and fan service. This included the Bingo Game, a last-man-standing type of game where all fans in the venue participated, a Q&A session where Myungsoo picked fan-written questions from a board of post-its (a lucky fan made Myungsoo sing the Happy Birthday Song since her birthday coincided with the fan meeting day), and tumbler-designing session which Myungsoo handed personally to raffle-picked fans. Screams of both kilig and inggit came every time Myungsoo interacted with fans, but it is the thrill of possibly getting physically close to your favorite idol that made the fan meeting extra exciting.

Kim Myungsoo during his fan meeting where he picked questions written by fans.

But then again, of course, it’s not just all the “sana all” moments that made the fan meeting special.

Love with Kim Myungsoo

As soon as he was on stage, Myungsoo could never stop repeatedly saying how happy he was that he was back in the Philippines—so much that he was already thinking of when to return! It was easy to tell that he had a lot of fun. Filipino fans are known for being loud and Myungsoo had to take note of it. “I’m happy because everything I say, fans are screaming!” He said during the chit-chat part of the fan meet. He then followed it up with a scream just as loud as the fans’.

Kim Myungsoo sang four songs, one more than he is required, during his fan meeting in Manila.

More than interactions, his heartfelt performances that got fans swooning over proved that he still is an amazing idol by skill and at heart. He sang four songs—one more than he was supposed to because he said he wanted to make the night a lot special: “It’s Okay Even If It’s Not Me” (Ruler: Master of the Mask), “Love U Like U” (Shut Up! Flower Boy Band), “In Your Light” (Angel’s Last Mission: Love), and “The Nights That I Miss You” (Angel’s Last Mission: Love).

But the fan meeting was not just for the fans; it was for Myungsoo as well. The fan meeting ended on an emotional but reassuring mood as fans, through a video, relayed how they are always by Myungsoo’s side from beginning until the end. The event became the best opportunity for expressing sincere and pure love between an idol and his fans.


We would like to thank CDM Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to cover this event.

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