K-Beauty brands to look forward to in 2020

It feels like just yesterday we were anticipating all that 2020 could bring us, and now January is whizzing by so fast it almost feels like a blur. Of course, with all things new coming to us in 2020, it’s time to take advantage of the “New Year, New Me” mindset and check out some Korean beauty brands that are currently shaking up the beauty world. Whether it’s an established brand you haven’t gotten around to trying, or a new brand with a promising future, here are some K-Beauty brands we should look forward to in 2020:


So Natural

Available on Seoulunni.com

So Natural is a newcomer brand in the Philippines, officially launching last November, 2019, via Seoulunni.com. They have an impressive roster of skincare sets that cater to almost any skin type you can think of (their acne line is definitely promising!). They also have some stand alone products with rave reviews from consumers, such as the Silk Collagen Glow Ampoule and Water Glow Sauna Cream.

While So Natural is primarily a skincare brand, they have a line of base makeup and setting products focused on prolonging your makeup wear time. If you’re looking to level up your skin care routine or just want some eye-catching products to display on your vanity, So Natural is for you.


Touch In Sol

Available on Seoulunni.com

While Touch in Sol has not yet officially launched in the Philippines, their products are available on both Seoulunni and BeautyMNL. This beauty brand prides itself on being seriously fun; their motto is that “Beauty should never be boring and neither should you!” and their products are “Always exciting, forever unique, and yet totally practical products that are meant to infuse fun and function into your daily routine.”

That being said, Touch in Sol lives up to what they say, their glitter shadows pack a serious punch in terms of pigmentation and blendability, and are a perfect addition to your makeup kit for anyone looking for new makeup to try for a party or a night out. They’re known for their No Poreblem primers, which focuses on blurring visible pores on the face, providing a practically filtered face.


Nature Republic

Available in stores nationwide

It’s impossible to not have heard about this juggernaut of a beauty brand. Nature Republic has been in the Philippines for eight years now and have branches in and out of the metro. Not to mention, the chances are highly likely that someone you know has tried their aloe vera gel. So if you happened to have passed by a branch before and thought “why should I check them out?” Here’s why:

Nature Republic is a global cosmetics brand that uses natural ingredients from different countries. They’re most famous for their 92% Aloe Vera Gel. Besides that, some standout products are their cleansing wipes, their Micro Slim Brow Pencil, and their Shea Butter Steam Cream series.

They also are pretty much a one-stop shop for all things personal hygiene and maintenance: they have skincare, hygiene products, haircare, hairstyling products, makeup; they even sell deodorant and underarm care in their stores. Basically, they have everything you could think of buying and they generally smell great and have the nutrients to boot.

| READ ALSO: EXO To Return To PH For Nature Republic

If you also happen to be a Kpop fan (which if you’re reading this, you probably are), Nature Republic Is actually bringing their brand ambassadors, EXO, here to the Philippines next month! So if you haven’t gotten around to checking out their stuff, 2020 is the year to do just that.



Available in SM Megamall, BeautyMNL

A’pieu may not be new to the beauty world, but they’re a relatively newer brand in the Philippines; just launching late last year with their own store in SM Megamall. A’Pieu is basically the little sister-brand of Missha, an institution in the K-Beauty industry. A’Pieu has been slept on quite a few times, and I think it’s time to bring some light to this underrated brand.

A’Pieu has a lot of affordable and innovative products that should find a home on your vanity or bathroom. Their Madecassoside line is a great starter set for anyone looking to invest in skin repairing products, while the Sea Buckthorn Cream is definitely a standout product from the brand. Their Air-Fit Cushion can compete with some of the best cushions on the market. They also have some seriously cute concepts for their products and packaging (face masks especially!) and the best part is most of their products fall under P1000, making their products a great choice for K-Beauty lovers that are hoping to save a bit of coin this year.


The Saem

Available in stores nationwide

The Saem made a big splash in the Philippines when they launched last 2018. Their biggest pull was from their brand ambassadors, Seventeen, who had a fan sign event in collaboration with the brand. However, The Saem definitely has more than a lot to offer besides Seventeen.

Their Cover Perfection Tip concealer has somewhat of a cult following in Korea and is definitely a must-try. Their Urban Eco Harakeke line is also a great splurge set for anyone interested in investing in nourishing skin care, and their hand creams come in such cute packaging and different scents that hoarding could become an issue if you’re not paying attention.

The Saem also seems to be launching some exciting new products this year and have a lot in store for fans in the coming months. We’re definitely excited!


What is one brand or product that you’re looking forward to this 2020?

Featured photo taken from Nature Republic and The SAEM’s Facebook pages.

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