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17 Songs to Jam to Before Ode to You in Manila

As we approach D-Day till SEVENTEEN's Ode to You in Manila, we have come up with a list of 17 songs you can jam to as you wait for the boys to arrive!

Arci Muñoz gets flak for using “sasaeng” to describe her fangirling

Filipino actress and singer Arci Muñoz gets the ire of K-Pop fans, particularly ARMYs, for indiscriminately using the word "sasaeng" to describe her fangirling activities. Muñoz is currently in South Korea and is...

A Definitive Ranking of Kim Myung Soo’s 10 Most Memorable Drama Roles

Not only is he known as L of INFINITE, but he’s also known as Kim Myung Soo, an actor. Let’s get to know 10 of his most memorable drama roles.

MOMOLAND graces cover of Pinoy lifestyle magazine

Looks like MOMOLAND's venture into the Philippines as the next big girl group is just going to get better in 2020 as they started the year by gracing the cover of a...

Catch K-Drama ‘Touch’ within 24 hours of Korea!

This is a press release. Korean drama "Touch" will air in the Philippines starting January 4 every Saturday and Sunday, 9:15 PM, within 24 hours of Korea via K-PLUS! "Touch" is a 16-episode romance...

SB19 ends the year with a bang at Get in the Zone Manila concert

SB19 ended their breakthrough year with the Manila stop of their Get in the Zone nationwide tour.

#KStreetPicks: Our Favorite Fan Meetings of 2019

Which fan meeting will you never forget in 2019? Our team at KStreetManila make their picks.

WATCH: MOMOLAND teases “big year” in the Philippines for 2020

MOMOLAND reveals their projects in the Philippines for 2020.

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What it’s like watching Train to Busan in 2020

It’s been four years since Train to Busan premiered. What it’s like watching it in today’s environment?

A Platform Perfect for K-Pop Online Stores Is Now Here!

This is a press release. As several parts of the country were put under quarantine, many Filipinos began opening their businesses online not only to...

PH celebrities drawn toward Park Seo Joon’s charms in latest IG post

Filipino celebrities have proven that no one can resist Park Seo Joon’s charms.