South Korea shortens visa processing period

Good news to Pinoy travelers! There will have shorter and faster processing of Korean visa applications, according to the Korean Embassy in the Philippines.

In a notice posted by the Embassy, because of the allotted additional visa staff, by the end of February 2020, visa processing will take only 10 to 15 days, a significant improvement from the current visa processing period of 25 to 27 days. The reduced processing period will also apply during peak season (between March and April).

In June last year, the Embassy also said that they are cutting down the number of required documents for visa applications, especially for qualified government workers, media, and professionals.

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Late last year, the South Korean government announced that they are working on a new visa program for Southeast Asian countries by allowing them to stay visa-less for up to 72 hours in South Korea’s regional airports. Additionally, they are also looking at a visa-free system for group tourists.

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Although the policy is expected to take effect this year, there are no specific rules and guidelines released yet.

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