This Month’s Beat: B.O.Y

Happy 2020! A new year meant a new start, and this goes the same with K-Pop.

For KStreetManila’s first Artist of the Month, we introduce you to newly debuted duo B.O.Y!

Who is B.O.Y?

Formerly known as Kim Kookheon x Song Yuvin, B.O.Y was formed by The Music Works in 2019. They officially debuted as a duo on January 7, 2020 with the song “My Angel” from their first EP, Phase One: YOU.

The name B.O.Y came from suggestions from netizens through the duo’s official fan café. It stands for “Best of You” or “Both of You” to refer to the duo and their fans.

B.O.Y aren’t newbies in the idol industry

In fact, Yuvin rose to popularity as a contestant on Superstar K6.

A year after signing with The Music Works, he made his solo debut with the digital single “It’s You to the Bone.”

In 2016, Yuvin and Kookheon were announced as part of the group called MYTEEN. They went through a year of pre-debut promotions through a reality show and various busking performances.

The group finally debuted in 2017 with the song “Amazing.”

Survival shows happened

During their promotions as MYTEEN members, the duo joined notable survival shows. Kookheon participated in Mix Nine and made it to the finale.

In 2019, Kookheon and Yuvin joined Produce X 101, the fourth season of the Produce 101 series.

Kookheon was deemed the “cheat code” among trainees for his looks as well as skills in singing in dancing. However,  eliminated during the second-to-last episode.

Meanwhile, Yuvin made it to the finale but didn’t make it to X1.

After Produce X 101

After participating in Produce X 101, Kookheon and Yuvin launched a duet unit and released a special digital single.

The duo became an independent unit after MYTEEN’s disbandment in the same year. They held their first fan meeting called “The Present” and a concert titled “Dear, You.”


B.O.Y recently had their debut stage on January 2, and they definitely showed a lot of potential! We can’t wait to see them in their future projects!

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