This Month’s Binge: Dr. Romantic 2

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To kickstart 2020, we look into why Dr. Romantic 2 must be in your watch list. As much as possible, I’ll try my best not to drop spoilers along the way.

Dr. Romantic finally confirmed a second season after three years! In the first season, the mystery of the identity of Dr. Kim (or Master Kim, as he is called in the drama), along with the progress of the lead characters envelop the whole plot of the drama.

The second season is quite different but has similar elements to the first …

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Tell Me About It …

Lee Sung Kyung, Ahn Hyo Seop, and veteran actor Han Sun Kyu spearhead SBS TV’s Dr. Romantic 2. The drama is about doctors losing their way as doctors and as people. Eventually, after a series of medical dilemmas and situations, they are able to find their way again.

Lee Sung Kyung plays Cha Eun Jae, an intelligent, straight-A doctor who suffers from anxiety in the medical room. She tries to control her anxiety by taking medications, which only give her side effects that greatly affect her performance as a doctor.

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Next is Ahn Hyo Seop who plays Seo Woo Jin. He is the male counterpart of Eun Jae, an intelligent doctor who got straight As in medical school. Only he doesn’t have anxiety issues—he’s one hell of a genius inside the O.R. Despite his excellence in the medical field, he faces financial problems (along with other problems you’ll discover in the drama), which take a toll on him as a medical practitioner.

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As for Han Sun Kyu? His character shows a softer spot this season, compared to his previous tough and vengeful self. In this season, he knowingly fulfills the mission of being a mentor and savior to the lost doctors of the hospital.

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The rest of the characters remain consistent with their personalities from the previous season, but it’s yet to be decided which supporting characters will appeal to the viewers.

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So far, among the notable supporting characters are Jin Kyung, who plays the tenacious Nurse Oh. (I’d like to add that, boy, I’m amazed because she looks like she doesn’t age at all!)

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Down the drama’s road …

Dr. Romantic 2 is only halfway down its plot at this point. The budding romance between the lead characters isn’t showing its full potential yet, but I felt kilig overload already! They really gave out that kind of chemistry. For me, it doesn’t actually matter whether it’s because Ahn Hyo Seop looks a lot like Nam Joo Hyuk (who looks good with Lee Sung Kyung) or it’s because of the fact that Hyo Seop acts really, really good!

The drama directly started with the main characters’ conflicts. There’s not much to reveal, like a back story to really wait until the end, but what you’ll keep wanting to discover throughout the drama is how the characters will overcome each dilemma they are facing.

Assuming you all watched the first season, I would like to note the unnoticeable tension between Dr. Kim and his archenemy Chairman Do, who is back from the slump he had taken last season (yes, you just can’t get enough of the villain). He’s up again and ready to ruin the lives of everyone working at Doldam Hospital.

It seems like aside from the conflicts arising from the patients running to and from Doldam’s emergency room, Chairman Do exists to add more spice to the plot. But, honestly, I’m totally not looking forward to it. For me, Chairman Do’s character kind of bores me; I think his character should’ve been left out in the first season.

Ultimate Say …

To be honest, I’m fond of medical K-Dramas regardless of the casting. If you’re that kind of K-Drama enthusiast, watch the Dr. Romantic series.

But if you’re in for something more thrilling, this might not be the K-Drama for you since it is more educational. Even if you’re not in the medical field, you’ll learn a lot about procedures how doctors handle their personal lives.

You’ve already watched the first season, you’re in for a predictable ride. I’m still waiting for something that will ultimately spice up the story. I honestly think that they can ingest a major plot twist without veering away from the concept and idea of Doctor Romantic.

That being said, it’s still safe to watch the second season of Dr. Romantic. The earlier lead characters do not have any bearing to the story of the second season. And I think you will enjoy it more. In my opinion, Lee Sung Kyung adds a bit of fresh take to the drama. I’m still deciding if it’s her character or it’s because it is Lee Sung Kyung. Not to mention that pairing her up with Ahn Hyo Seop is one of the best decisions ever!

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Overall, Dr. Romantic 2 gets three and a half out five ultimate yes-es from me!

You can watch the latest episodes on Viu!

Let’s meet again next time for This Month’s Binge! 

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