To The Moon And Back: Tiffany Young Found Her Stars

Featured photo by Kath Ramirez

It’s been almost five years since Tiffany Young visited the Philippines for a concert. Back then, she was our young, sweet Tiffany Hwang who was an active member of Girls’ Generation.

Now, she has become a grown woman who’s in control of her music and life.

During her press conference for Open Hearts Eve Part 2 in Manila, she mentioned how she became fully responsible and accountable for every decision she makes. She also shared the importance of “going to therapy, eating the right food, and sleeping at the right time” to become fully ready to work.

Filipino Young Ones were very much ready to see how Tiffany Young has evolved as an artist. I listed some of the highlights during the concert.

The Heartful Setlist

Tiffany began her first solo concert in Manila with her recent single “Run For Your Life.” The energy of the crowd went higher when she performed her other hit singles “Over My Skin,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Talk,” “Yellow Lights,” and “Teach You.”

Our star, brighter than ever, came back for the second part with a showstopping mashup of Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” and her Korean single “I Just Wanna Dance.” Tiffany continued to showcase her vocal prowess with “Invinsible,” “Invitation,” “Runaway,” “The Flower,” “Lips on Lips,” and another epic mashup featuring Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood” and her 2019 single “Born Again.”

Back for her third set, Tiffany performed Magnetic Moon while Young Ones are raising their banners with the statement: “You are our moon. We are your stars.”

She astounded the crowd with her renditions of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” Destiny Child’s “Independent Woman,” “City of Stars” from the award-winning film La La Land, and “Remember Me” from the Pixar film Coco.

That night, Tiffany became a fan girl herself as she proudly sang Lea Salonga’s Disney songs, “A Whole New World” and “Reflections.” These songs also inspired her to sing a special song for Filipino Young Ones, “Speechless” from Disney’s live-action film Aladdin.

Wardrobe of a Star

At the press conference, Tiffany mentioned how she carefully and creatively chose her looks. She believes that fashion is such an important part of her music and an expression of body positivity.

It’s a collaborative process. I do moodboarding. – Tiffany

During the concert, it was evident how she and her team perfectly chose her wardrobe for the tour. Tiffany wore three jaw-dropping outfits: a chic black-and-white-striped ensemble with a long jacket, bralette, and palazzo pants; a glistening metallic romper with silver puffy gloves; and a white sparkling, feathery dress that made her look like a beautiful swan.

Interactions With Young Ones

Tiffany was very playful and patient to the highly energetic Filipino Young Ones. At one point, the fans were teasing her in Filipino to cry. When she realized the meaning of the message, she immediately said “I won’t cry yet!” and continued to speak in Korean so her fans won’t understand her.

One of the most memorable parts of the concert was when fans called her “Mumshie / Momshie,” an equivalent to “Mom” in English. Tiffany acknowledged it with affirmation!

The fans later showed Tiffany a fan-made video about her as an icon and inspiration to Filipino Young Ones. Some clips of the fans shared who Tiffany is for them, touching her and eventually making her cry.


As a Filipino SONE who has not been to any Girls’ Generation concert, this concert brought back a lot of good memories. I couldn’t stop waving my Soshi lightstick when Tiffany performed “Run Devil Run,” a short “Genie”-teasing adlib, and finally, the song that started it all: “Into the New World.” It was such an unforgettable night to sing along with other Young Ones during these songs.

A group of Young Ones in the first row was holding face cutouts of SNSD members, which Tiffany took in exchange for her flowers. She said she’ll give the cutouts to the girls.

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As I said, once an SNSD member, always an SNSD member.


We’d like to thank CDM Entertainment for inviting us to cover the Open Hearts Eve Part 2 in Manila!

The event is presented by Transparent Arts and promoted by CDM Entertainment.

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