4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss #RUNNINGMANinMANILA

In less than a week, the eight members of the widely popular show, Running Man, will be here to bring more laughter to PH Runners with Running Man “A Decade of Laughter” in Manila! But if you’re still unsure whether you should really watch or not, well, you should! And while the answer is pretty obvious, to make it more conclusive, we decided that perhaps we should list these four unquestionable reasons why you should never miss one of the must-see events of the year.

Funniest variety ensemble

Led by the nation’s MC, Yoo Jaesuk, together with members Kim Jongkook, HaHa, Song Jihyo, Ji Sukjin, Lee Kwangsoo, Jeon Somin, and Yang Sechan, there’s no doubt that the night is going to be epic! Each of the members show off a unique variety sense that tickle your funny bones and will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. With this perfect comedy combination, the night will definitely be a great stress-reliever for all.

Jeon Somin and Yang Sechan love line

The same-age friends are a hot topic right now with how well they match each other! And with the start of the love month, it’ll be very interesting to see how they play up each other’s personalities and maybe make us all kilig with their funny-bordering-romantic antics.

Check out this short preview to warm us up of all the possible kilig moments.

Performances (that could possibly surprise us all)

Aside from their variety sense, some (if not all) are actually talented in singing and dancing! In fact, in one of their fanmeet stops before, Song Jihyo, Lee Kwangsoo, and Ji Sukjin even performed Twice’s ‘Cheer Up.’ With 2020 being their tenth year, we can only just imagine what else is up their sleeves. If you aren’t totally sure about this, we’ll drop this dance performance by Running Man members last year of “Boom and Just Blow.”

Fun Time with All

More than the games and performances, it’s going to be a legendary night on the sole reason that Running Man and PH Runners are going to be spending time together! It’s like filming an episode where every PH Runner is the special guest.


We can’t wait for the members, and for the amazing show on Sunday. So PH Runners, see you on February 9th, at Mall of Asia Arena!

Aya Ople
Aya is a self-proclaimed funny person (she is). She also writes for a living and translates whenever the need calls. Aya also believes in the saying “if you’re in a bad situation today, the next one will be good for sure.”

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