A Really Really Special Night: WINNER’s Cross Tour in Manila

Filipino Inner Circle’s beautiful nebula ocean lit up the Mall of Asia Arena last January 25th as the K-POP quartet WINNER returned to the Philippine stage for WINNER Cross Tour in Manila

It has been over a year since JINU (Kim Jinwoo), HOONY (Lee Seungyoon), MINO (Song Minho) and YOON (Kang Seungyoon) visited the Philippines for their first solo concert tour, Everywhere. There was no doubt that fans have been missing them—evident in their high-spirited screams, and passionate singing-along and dancing throughout the evening. 

WINNER didn’t hold back in expressing their love for fans—armed with a solid roster of songs, high energy performances, and heartwarming messages, they truly made this a special night for everyone. 

Join us as we list down the really really unforgettable highlights from their Manila stop! 

The setlist, and that live band

WINNER opened Cross Tour in Manila with a rock-infused “Everyday” and “Love Me Love Me”, followed by “Island” and the iconic “Really Really” hyping up the crowd. Further setting the party atmosphere, the boys performed “Mola”, “Dress Up”, and “Special Night”. When it comes to songs that make fans want to let loose, and just dance—WINNER has definitely got it covered.

Their concerts wouldn’t be complete without their mellower hits, starting off with “Different” from their first solo album, 2014 S/S. It’s followed by “Have A Good Day”, “Raining”, “OMG”, and their debut track, “Empty”. The emotional set got fans sentimental, with the live arrangement adding so much more feels

The boys then performed their solo songs—HOONY lighting up the stage with “Flamenco”, showcasing his talent with a dip in a different genre. He follows this with “Serenade”, a song he dedicated to his “Mahal ko’s”. The group’s adorable eldest, JINU, stole fans’ hearts with his solo, “Call Anytime”, while maknae leader YOON rocked the stage with “Instinctively” and “Wind”. MINO rounded up the solo stages with his powerful performances of “I’M HIM”, “Trigger”, and the title track from his first solo album, “Fiance”. The boys came together and closed the set with a fan favourite, “Movie Star”. 

The quartet came back with “SOSO”, and the playful “Don’t Be Shy”, both from their latest mini album, “Cross” which the tour is named after. 

WINNER continued to energize the fans with “Millions”, heart-pumping tracks “Ah Yeah”, “Immature”, and “LA LA”. 

Everyone was in high spirits as WINNER (in hanbok!!!!) came out for encore with playful stages of “Luxury”, and “Boom”. After touching parting messages to fans, they closed off the tour with performances of “Really Really”, “LA LA” and “Everyday (Remix)”. 

WINNER is known for their addictive beats and soulful songs, but their music, accompanied by a live band takes their performance to a different level. Being a long-time fan of their senior labelmates BIGBANG, and 2NE1, and having attended their concerts, YG Entertainment’s trademark concert live bands is what sets their shows apart from others. 

This writer was personally thrilled upon learning that for the first time, WINNER will be performing with a live band for this tour. Without a doubt, it made the show an unforgettable and unique concert experience. 

The surprise “Tala” cover 

That’s right—the boys took on the Tala Dance Challenge, surprising fans as HOONY first showed off his flawless dance cover of Sarah Geronimo’s hit song, while his members and fans cheered him on. The group’s main dancer and resident choreographer then taught JINU, MINO, and YOON, after which the boys performed all together, to the delight of their fans. 

Apart from being an impressive surprise stage, it was definitely heart-warming to watch. WINNER never fails to show how much they treasure their fans, always thinking of ways to express their love through special performances like this. Beyond being an A+ Tala cover, this is a moment that Filipino fans will never forget.

Their sweet bond with senior and labelmate, Sandara Park

Once again, Dara showed her support for her juniors by attending the Cross Tour. YOON acknowledged her presence during the concert, thanking her for coming. 

Dara also shared backstage photos she took with her dongsaeng-deul mentioning how 5 years ago, WINNER came to Manila with 2NE1 for the All or Nothing Tour, and now they’re back again, this time for WINNER’s concert. 

Celebrating the Lunar New Year + the boys in hanboks

It’s not everyday that you can watch your idols perform their songs in Korean traditional garb, but Filipino ICs can definitely say they have! 

With the Lunar New Year or Seollal falling on January 25th, WINNER spent the holiday with Filipino fans, adding yet another reason that makes this a special night.

Around this time, fans are used to seeing photos of their idols in hanbok, sending their greetings and well wishes for the new year. Local fans were treated not only to seeing WINNER in hanbok, but watching them perform the encore songs, as well as the boys bowing and giving their New Year’s wishes. 

Their heartfelt messages in both English and Filipino + impromptu song especially for Filipino ICs

It’s adorable enough whenever they say words or phrases in either language, but WINNER took it a step further with JINU, MINO and YOON saying their closing messages in English, and HOONY being a little more extra and delivering his in Filipino. 

“Babalik kami! Huwag niyo kaming kalimutan, promise!” – HOONY

HOONY’s sweetness didn’t end there, proceeding to sing an improvised “Wag niyo kaming kalimutan” song with MINO and the live band. Watch it below:

Finally, leader YOON expressed his gratitude to fans:

“We’re so happy and thankful to be with you guys at our new tour at the beginning of the year 2020. Looking back, every time, every day, every second with you, it was the most brilliant moment in my life. Thank you, Manila. I hope you will remember this one until we meet again: You made a movie called youth with us, and the title is “WINNER”. Thank you, Manila!” – YOON

WINNER started off the Cross Tour in Seoul, and have since then crossed paths with their fans in Taipei, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila. They have two remaining stops in Ho Chi Minh and Singapore on February 1st and 8th respectively, before wrapping up the tour. WINNER will be holding Seoul Encore concerts on February 14th and 15th at Kyunghee University’s Grand Peace Palace. 

We would like to thank PULP Live World for inviting us to cover WINNER’s Cross Tour in Manila.

This event was brought to you by PULP Live World, Live Nation, and YG Entertainment.

Mish Umalihttp://candy-sky.com
A graphic designer and entrepreneur who loves to travel, bake, and collect things in her favourite color. She was introduced to Kpop through BoA’s Atlantic Princess MV, eventually fell in love with TVXQ, BIGBANG, and SHINee and never looked back. These days she enjoys hanging out at cafes to work on projects, playing around with make-up, and proclaiming the good news (#ChanyeolistheBest). Follow her on Twitter or check out her blog!

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