Korea suspends visa-free entry to Jeju due to nCoV threat

The Korean government has temporarily suspended the visa-free entry to Jeju Island amid the nCoV outbreak.

According to the notice posted by the Korean Embassy in the Philippines, the suspension applies not only to the Philippines but to all countries given visa-free entry to Jeju Island, as well as transit passengers who depart from China. Also included in the announcement is the prohibition of entry of any foreigner (non-Korean) who has stayed in the Hubei Province, China within the last 14 days starting February 4.

The Jeju Tourism Organization also posted a separate announcement on their website and social media. Although there has been no recorded nCoV case in the popular Korean island destination as of February 6, to help stem the spread of the virus and as a preemptive measure, the Ministry of Justice of Korea decided to suspend visa-free entry.

According to the notice, general passports from the Philippines, alongside 24 other countries, will require travel visa to enter Jeju Island. The complete list of countries is also listed in the notice.

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