18 Moments of Ong Seong Wu

With his playful personality and overflowing charisma, Ong Seong Wu snatched our hearts since Day One of his idol journey at Produce 101 Season 2. As the lone Fantagio trainee, he is a total mood-maker, a skillful vocalist and dancer, and a visual prince with his blinding smile and little constellation of moles.

Finishing at the fifth spot, he got us falling for him, even more, when he debuted as a member of project group Wanna One. The group was short-lived (sobs), and in the end, the members had to go their separate ways (sobs even more).

But our moments with Seong Wu continued when he released his first “Heart Sign” CF for Pepsi and debuted as actor!Ong in the drama At Eighteen. All his hard work as the awkward high school student Choi Jun Woo paid off as he received the Hallyu Star and the Male Rookie Award at the 2019  Korean Drama Awards, the 2019 StarHub Most Promising Actor Award, and the Rookie of the Year Award at the 2019 Asia Artist Awards.

The new decade comes with the arrival of soloist!Ong, too! Seong Wu released his debut track “We Belong,” for which he participated in composing and writing the lyrics. And tomorrow, he’ll be releasing his first mini album, Layers, with “Gravity” as the title track!

And if those are not yet enough to prove how talented he is, Ong is also making his big-screen debut with the musical film Life is Beautiful where he will play Jeong Wu along with veteran actors Yum Jung Ah (SKY Castle) and Ryu Seung Ryong (Miracle in Cell No. 7).

Indeed, 2020 is a blessing for Welos. To keep your excitement at a crescendo as you wait for Layers, take a look at 18 moments that had us crushing hard for Ong Seong Wu.

1 | Not Hong, Gong, or Eung!

Seong Wu’s family name Ong is rare in Korea, so he definitely takes pride in it! It’s the first rule to becoming a Welo: Seong Wu’s surname is Ong—not Hong or Gong or Eung!

YouTube / 0hMy0ng

2 | Master of hitting the ✨slate✨ since 1995

And no one does it like him~

YouTube / 0hMy0ng

3 | Jeongmal to the nth level

Because one jeongmal jeongmal jinjja wanjeon rieol daebak heol is not enough!

YouTube / Hằng Trần

4 | Talented ears

OSW’s little ears have a life of their own. Change my mind.

YouTube / Diana Whalien

5 | King of Popping

His sharp-as-knife popping moves had our hearts popping out of our chests!

YouTube / VRYCC K

6 | Hungry Ong

On today’s episode of “Images You Can Hear”:

7 | He’s somewhat embarrassing …

But we all love him anyway ^^;;;;;

YouTube / Wannable 101

8 | Built-in haegeum

Among Ong Seong Wu’s talent is to imitate the sound of the Korean traditional string instrument called haegeum. Seriously, what can this man not do?

YouTube / MBCentertainment

9 | OSW driving (us crazy)

Featuring the almighty OngNiel is Science couple!

YouTube / Mnet Official

10 | Welo’s eye cleaner

The term ‘gaean’ means to open the eyes in Korean. Ong Seongwu and Hwang Minhyun were labeled as such because of their eye-cleansing looks. Gaeanz couple’s visual is brighter than my future. 🙁

11 | Thigh sweep à la Ong Seongwu

Ong adds his personal touch to Kang Daniel’s iconic “Open Up” thigh sweep dance!

YouTube / 0hMy0ng

12 | Ong MC

Ong Seong Wu’s wit landed him a role as a Music Core MC along with Gugudan’s Mina and NCT’s Mark, circa 2018.

YouTube / MBCkpop

13 | Chef Ong’s special ramen

Special instruction: Always remember to drop the egg and cheese with a flourish like Seong Wu, otherwise it wouldn’t taste the same!

YouTube / Mnet Official

14 | ModelONG

Nasobrahan sa kapogian 🙁

YouTube / ONG SEONG WU 옹성우

15 | Photographer!Ong

Not only does he know how to project in front of the camera, but he’s also adept at taking photos!

YouTube / ONG SEONG WU 옹성우

16 | Save OSW 2k17

Throwback to that moment when Seong Wu fell victim to the Park Brothers, Jihoon and Woojin, aka the Pink Sausages LOL [from 1:06]

YouTube / Ongnable 2508

17 | Jump rope pro

Seong Wu totally nailed this jump rope challenge in Master Key with Laboum’s Solbin!

YouTube / SBS-IN

18 | OSW as CJW 

[If you haven’t watched his drama yet (you definitely should!) here’s a spoiler alert.]

Ong Seong Wu totally impressed with his portrayal of the loner Choi Jun Woo in At Eighteen opposite the pretty Kim Hyang Gi. One of the scenes that stood out? Seongwu’s first on-screen kiss! Aww… 

YouTube / JTBC Drama

Bonus | Ong Seongwu + Welos = Perfect Combo!

IDK about you, but I’m totally in love with him!

What’s your favorite Ong Seong Wu moment? Let us know in the comments!

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