K-Pop fanclubs initiate food drive amid COVID-19 lockdown

Filipino K-Pop fan clubs, through the Philippine K-Pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI), are coming together to start a food drive aimed at feeding people in the streets as well as other frontliners.

PKCI and its affiliated fan clubs will partner with Tapawarma in distributing the food “to people we usually see on the streets” such as “street kids, vendors, security guards, and the likes.” Tapawarma will be in charge of distributing the food. PKCI meanwhile is asking for people to help them through donations.

“In light with the pandemic we are all experiencing, we would like to knock on your good hearts to extend a hand in helping the community in the simplest way we can,” PKCI shared on their Facebook. “We will be starting a food drive that will be given away to people we usually see on the streets (street kids, vendors, security guards, and the likes). The more we can donate, the more days we can sustain the project.”

The food costs PHP 50 each. To help, fans can contact their favorite fan clubs on how they can send their donation.

For more information, visit PKCI’s Facebook or Twitter.

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