‘Feels Good to be a Woman’: Your K-Pop Int’l Women’s Month Playlist

Happy International Women’s Month, KStreetManila readers! We hope you are enjoying this month specially dedicated to you. And as we continue to celebrate being women, we have compiled some of the best K-Pop songs on women empowerment – by women, for women.



Ooh I’m a lion I’m a queen

It is not only the lions that are fierce. 

Kawi Bawi Bo

Yoon Mi Rae

The queen and founder of female rap in Korea gives a playful twist to the popular ‘rock, paper, scissors’. A song that celebrates women as catalysts of ‘peace, solidarity, harmony’.

Miss Korea

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori is timeless in this self-composed single released back in 2013. Donned in 1960s and 70s glamour, the pop icon sings a message of being ‘confidently beautiful’.



Let’s admit it – it’s a rat race in today’s day and age. But women know how to get ahead in whatever way they can. (PS: The song’s great for running too!)

The Baddest Female


What’s a female empowerment playlist without a song from The Baddest Female in K-Pop?



Red lip? No. Earrings? No. High heels? No. Handbag? No.

Take it from CLC – a woman is not defined with what she has or what she is wearing. Furthermore, she is not confined within the labels of “innocent”, “sexy”, and “cute”. She is absolutely more than that.

I Don’t Need a Man

Miss A

Hands down to the K-Pop anthem of all independent women!

Girls on Top


BoA was already way ahead of her time with this release in 2005. Oftentimes as women, we are forced into a mold that fits according to society’s standards. But what if you are not like everyone else? Time to show them that girls can be on top.

Female President

Girl’s Day

Because in this day and age, women know how to take charge.

Yes I Am


A woman who embraces her uniqueness is a confident woman.

Dalla Dalla


We are all created different, and that is only realized when we first love ourselves.

I am the Best


No Women Empowerment Playlist is complete without these legends.



Former member of the Wonder Girls, Yubin, knows exactly how we feel as busy ladies. We hate wasting time – especially to men who just like to beat around the bush not knowing what they want in a relationship.

I Will Show You


Going over a breakup because your man cheated on you? Show him that you’re over him by flaunting a better version of yourself – without him.


After School

With hours of training to perfectly cop off the marching band look, the ladies of After School show that women can be trailblazers.

Wow Thing

Seulgi (Red Velvet) x SinB (GFriend) x Chung Ha x Soyeon (G-IDLE)

Never thought that these girls would come together, but they did! The lyrics pretty much showcase their journey into stardom – beginning as dreamers to a “wow thing”. And that can be your story, too.



Prior to the release of their music video, LOONA garnered attention from their teasers that show women of diversity. Whatever color you are in and wherever you came from, you can reach your goals and fly like a butterfly.


Lee Hyo Ri

We, ladies, can get worried on how we present ourselves. Lee Hyo Ri’s advice? Don’t worry and be yourself.

(Note: The song is not yet available on Spotify.)



Because it is inner beauty that defines being a woman.

What other K-Pop songs on women empowerment is in your playlist? Go ahead and comment!

Cheska De Ocampo
Always up and about, Cheska was once asked if she always meets different people every single day. Well – not always – but almost because it is part of her job description and because she is actively involved in church. Having the opportunity to join KStreetManila, she combines two of her loves – writing and Korean culture. During her downtime (which somehow rarely happens), she is either scrolling through Twitter, writing for her blog, trying to be fit, reading a good book, or appreciating beauty and fashion.

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