Ease Quarantine Boredom with These 6 New K-Dramas

Yes, we do the cleaning. Yes, we do the cooking. Yes, we do the watching.

This COVID-19 pandemic ain’t gonna stop us from binge-watching, right?

So, while waiting for updates on the country’s situation amid this outbreak, let’s take quick breaks from time to time and check out these new K-Dramas.


1. Memorist

We’re in for a new crime-busting drama from Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Se-Young in Memorist.

If you’ve watched He is Psychometric (2019), you may find similarities with the plot.  But, Yoo Seung-ho definitely offers a fiercer character who can look into the memories of people he touches. He partners up with the high-skilled professional Lee Se-Young to catch a serial killer stronger than them.

It’s an exciting story even without the budding romance!

You can watch all episodes of Memorist on Viu.



2. Meow, The Secret Boy

Also known as Welcome, this drama pairs up Kim Myungsoo and Shin Ye-Eun for the first time.

Kim Myungsoo previously portrayed an angel sent to Earth in Angel’s Last Mission: Love in 2019. In Welcome, he plays a furry cat that transforms into a human.

What’s the secret? And will the plot thicken? I’m curious on how the story develops and what the lead couple will offer to viewers.

Watch Meow, The Secret Boy on Viu.


3. Find Me in Your Memory

A story between a prominent news anchor and a rising star, Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young cross paths in this new fantasy romance, Find Me in Your Memory. Kim Dong Wook plays a character with hyperthymesia, giving him the ability to vividly recall every moment of his life.

SF9’s Rowoon also makes a cameo in this drama as a dashing character.

Find Me in Your Memory is available on Viu.


4. Hospital Playlist

Yoo Yeon Seok from Dr. Romantic 1 is back in another medical K-Drama that won’t disappoint! This time, he’s with a whole new set of promising actors and actresses: Jung Kyung-ho, Jo Jung-Suk, Kim Dae-Myung, and Jeon Mi-Do.

Hospital Playlist tells the story of five doctors with an exceptional friendship. Each episode depicts the story of every doctor inside and outside the operating room. As a fan of medical K-Dramas, I’m absolutely down for this one!

Catch the first episodes of Hospital Playlist on Netflix.


5. A Piece of Your Mind

We’re all for another cute love story with A Piece of Your Mind.

Jung Hae-In owns an artificial intelligence company while Chae Soo-bin is a classical recording engineer.

The drama recently aired its first episode and not much has been revealed, but it already showed the promising connection between the two leads. I’m 100% curious!

A Piece of Your Mind is available for streaming on Viu.


6. Hi Bye, Mama!

Kim Tae Hee made an amazing comeback with the heartwarming K-Drama Hi Bye, Mama! Her character, Cha Yu-ri, was brought back to life through a reincarnation project, giving her the chance to be with her loved ones, but it comes with a twist! It all comes with a deadline.

Will she succeed? Watch to find out.

Go and watch Hi Bye, Mama! on Netflix.


That’s all for now! Let’s meet again when we’ve all watched the mentioned K-dramas above *wink*

Stay safe and wash your hands, chingus!

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