10 Things To Remember from Super Junior’s “Super Show 2” in Manila!

Yes, time flies so fast — it’s been exactly ten years since Super Junior‘s first ever concert in the Philippines, Super Show 2 in Manila! To celebrate its tenth anniversary, we decided to bring back ten interesting facts about this K-Pop show, not only for older ELFs to reminisce this memorable night but for baby ELFs, too, so they’d know more about how Super Junior shaped the history of K-Pop in the Philippines!

Without further ado, here we go!

1. The first major K-Pop concert in the Philippines

It’s true that other K-Pop groups came to the Philippines prior to Super Junior, but Super Junior had the first ever major solo concert in the country! Thanks to the popularity of “Sorry Sorry,” and the sudden boom of K-Pop at that time, PULP Live World decided to bring Super Show 2 to Manila. Because of this, perhaps we could say at least for K-Pop concerts in the Philippines, Super Junior paved the way!

2. The first major solo K-Pop concert held at the Araneta Coliseum

We know that Araneta Coliseum is arguably one of the best concert venues in the Philippines, and it is not surprising that Super Show 2 was held there. Interestingly, Super Junior was also the first K-Pop group to have their solo concert at the Big Dome! They were soon followed by U-KISS roughly a month later.

3. PH was the last stop for Super Show 2

Super Junior visited a total of six countries and nine cities for the Super Show 2 Tour. Manila was added as the last stop, to the delight of Filipino ELFs!

4. Largest stage constructed for a concert

At least until Super Show 2 happened! PULP Live World’s Vernon Go said in a tweet as they prepared for the stage that the stage for the concert would be “the largest indoor and outdoor stage constructed in the Philippines with 329 [versus] 209 platforms.”

The stage was so huge that it was the first time in the country that the Coliseum’s lower box area became the front of stage!

5. First K-Pop concert organized by PULP Live World

Super Show 2 was PULP Live World’s first venture into K-Pop. It was quite a gamble, considering that no other organizer has brought a major K-Pop concert to the country at that time. Aside from that, PULP Live World is well-known for PULP Summer Slam, an annual music festival of mostly local and international rock and metal bands with occasional artists from other genres. But look at them now, PULP is now one of the leading organizers and promoters for K-Pop concerts in the country!

6. SVIP ticket for only PHP 7,500!

Believe it or not, Super Show 2 ticket prices were relatively cheap! And yes, that’s true. SVIP tickets costed only PHP 7,500, roughly half of how SVIP seats cost these days (Super Show 8’s most expensive ticket costed PHP 12,500). Both standing and seated were priced at PHP 7,500. Upper Boxes A and B were PHP 6,500 and PHP 4,500 respectively, while General Admission was only PHP 1,000.

7. Super Junior’s video greeting was “iconic.”

It was in their Super Show 2 in Manila video greeting that Super Junior created their iconic “Rata Rata Araneta” line (thanks to Eunhyuk) which you would often hear from them whenever they would have a concert in Araneta! The said line has stuck with many of the rather older fans, becoming one of the most remembered catch phrases for Filipino ELFs!

(Credit: iamchevi / YouTube)

8. The craziest gifts from PH ELFs!

With so many K-Pop concerts these days, the tradition of “throwing” gifts to the stage is no longer new. But when SS2 happened, it was finally the chance for fans to join in the fun. And PH ELFs did not hold back in being “creative” in the gifts that they gave. Take a look at this fancam of Sungmin and Leeteuk laughing hard after seeing condoms and boxer briefs thrown on stage!

(Credit: wangchuchidong / YouTube)

9. Donghae said he wanted to star in a PH drama.

In their press conference, Donghae learned that he was the most popular Super Junior member in the Philippines. He said that as he and the group gained popularity, he wanted to have a TV drama show in the country! Well, ten years later, we’re still waiting for this to happen, but who knows. We still are hoping, Lee Donghae!

10. The first major concert fan service for PH ELFs!

Since Super Show 2 was the first major K-Pop concert in the country, PH ELFs were the first K-Pop fans to experience the first major concert fan service! This included the members being sweet (and perhaps a bit flirty, too) with the fans (like the Kyuhyun fan cam below). This was also the first time PH ELFs heard Super Junior speak a bit of Filipino during their introduction live! And you know how much Filipino fans love it when they hear their idols speak the language, right?

(Credit: princekyu / YouTube)


Of course these ten things are just some of the most memorable moments of this historic concert. To be honest, we could list all of what happened at that time, but then this article would not end, right?

Where you there at Super Show 2? Let us know what your experience was in the comments section!

Irish Valdez contributed to this article.

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