5 Reasons Why So Ji Sub is the Ultimate Oppa

There are so many oppa-ble options nowadays with the rise of talented artists in Korean film, music, and TV. But, So Ji Sub is one such oppa that stands out among the rest.

He may be known for his phenomenal acting, but he’s got the whole package as well! Here’s a list of reasons why So Ji Sub is the ULTIMATE oppa!

1 – His Amazing Body

This is purely physical, but So Ji Sub is famous for his incredibly fit body. It’s no wonder that most projects he’s involved in have to have at least one scene of him working out, or him shirtless, OR him coming out of a swimming pool … or all of the above.

So Ji Sub has also been featured on several variety shows for having the ideal body that men aspire for and that women find attractive! Pair that with his handsome face and expressive eyes, and you’ve got an oppa worth drooling over!

2 – He’s the Perfect Gentleman

So Ji Sub is the “Icon of Consideration” in the Korean entertainment industry. There are many instances when he showed his gentlemanly side, whether it’s helping his female co-stars open their drinks to making sure he arrives earlier than the appointed time.

Actresses love working with So Ji Sub, and even Henry Lau, his co-star from “Oh My Venus,” said that it’s frustrating to work with him because he makes other actors look bad! Imagine being taken care of by him!

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3 – He Was a Member of the National Swimming Team

Not everyone may know, but before So Ji Sub became an actor, he trained to be a professional swimmer! His parents encouraged him to swim at the age of 10 because of his frail body, and he pursued it for over 10 years.

And boy, what a difference swimming has made for So Ji Sub! He was so good that he actually participated in the Korean National games and placed third overall!

You can even see So Ji Sub swimming in some of his dramas. The only drowning that will happen is your love for him!

4 – He’s Multi-Talented

Acting isn’t the only thing So Ji Sub can do. Aside from swimming, he runs his own entertainment agency, 51K.

He also owns a café in the same building called Twosome Place, of which he personally curated the menu and trained the barista!

Did you also know that he is a published author of two photo essay books, each with record sales? AND he also happens to dabble in hip-hop music as a rapper.

With all this success under his belt, it’s impossible to disagree that So Ji Sub is the perfect oppa!

5 – He’s the First Korean Actor to Have a Road Named After Him

What other entertainer can say they have a road named after them? So Ji Sub can.

In an effort to boost tourism, Gangwon Province’s Yan Gu Area began constructing a 51km trail in 2011, named after the star. The road was in honor of So Ji Sub, who was appointed as goodwill ambassador for Gangwon. “So Ji Sub’s Road” is the perfect trail to experience nature in Gangwon Province and have a great spot for the actor’s fans to visit.


Is So Ji Sub your oppa? What do you love about him? Let us know in the comments!

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