Watch: Ex-9Muses’ Sera reacts to SB19’s “Alab” MV

It’s a win for Filipino Mines and A’TIN as former 9Muses member Sera watched and reacted to SB19’s “Alab” MV.

During the video, Sera danced along to the group’s third single. She even guessed the roles of members Josh and Ken.

Toward the end, she also tried reading what leader Sejun wrote in his notebook.

As a former idol, Sera had some suggestions for SB19 and even volunteered her narration in their future MVs.

Watch the reaction video here:

Sera had previously reacted to MNL48’s “High Tension” MV.

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SB19 is the first Filipino idol group that was trained and managed by a Korean company. They recently released their MV for “Ikako,” a song dedicated to the front liners facing COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Sera is the former leader and vocalist of 9Muses, which debuted in 2010 under Star Empire. She graduated from the group in 2014 and found her own agency, OCTO.

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