#KStreetWatches Exit: An entertaining yet predictable disaster movie

Exit is a disaster film in which a mad scientist unleashes a toxic gas that leaves thousands stranded in skyscrapers as they wait to be rescued via helicopters. Unfortunately, while Yong Nam’s (Jo Jung Seok) family gets rescued, he and his college crush Eui Joo (Im Yoona) were left behind.

Putting their rock-climbing skills to the test, the two hop from one building to another in an attempt to get the attention of the rescue team. Of course, they save others along the way.

As it is a comedic film just as it’s a disaster film, Exit features over-the-top acting. It would feel too much at times, but it’s not the least bit annoying. In fact, the overacting worked for the grim circumstances the characters find themselves in.

As an action, disaster film, Exit will disappoint you if you’re looking for unexpected twists. The plot is predictable, although some action sequences will keep you on the edge of your seats. In some situations, you’ll find that the characters will solve problems in a complicated way even if there’s an easy way out. But it’s easy to suspend disbelief.

If you’re into disaster films but want something light-hearted, Exit is the film for you.

Exit is available for viewing for Premium viewers on Viu.

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