You Can Watch These 7 K-Pop Documentaries Online!

Documentaries are a type of show that isn’t talked about much in the world of K-Pop. You’ll find a couple of documentaries geared for Western audiences, explaining what makes K-Pop so fascinating, but they’re probably not the best choice if you want an in-depth view into the thoughts of your favorite artists.

Fortunately, several K-Pop artists have uploaded their documentaries on streaming sites. We look into eight documentaries you can watch on YouTube:

(Note: This list contains only the documentaries uploaded in the artists’ accounts and verified YouTube channels. These do not include documentaries unofficially uploaded on YouTube.)

9 Muses of Star Empire (2012)

First seen on BBC World, this eye-opening documentary follows a year into the career of 9 Muses. Viewers get to see how Star Empire Entertainment selected the members, as well the criticism and challenges the girls had endured from debut. The documentary focuses more on the point of view of Sera, 9 Muses’ former leader.

BTS: Burn the Stage (2018)

Burn the Stage is BTS’ first movie which goes behind the scenes of the group’s The Wings Tour. (FYI, The Wings Tour had its stop in Manila on May 6 and 7, 2017.) Whether you’re a new or a long-time ARMY, or just curious about one of the most successful idol groups, you’ll appreciate the exclusive tour footage and one-on-one interviews with the members.

Kwon Ji Yong: Act III: Motte (2018)

Act III: Motte reveals the different sides of Kwon Ji Yong, also known as G-Dragon, the leader of BIGBANG. The documentary follows him throughout his last solo tour before he enlisted in the military.

Jay Park: Chosen1 (2019)

The documentary follows Jay Park from his origins in Seattle, to becoming the leader of 2PM, all the way to his current position as a solo artist and CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music.

TWICE: Seize the Light (2020)

Seize the Light documents TWICE throughout their TWICELIGHTS World Tour, from South Korea to the US. The documentary also gives a glimpse into JY Park’s insights on creating TWICE, the girls’ pre-debut years, and insights into coping with the pressure of becoming one of the most popular K-Pop groups.

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SEVENTEEN: Hit the Road (2020)

SEVENTEEN gives a glimpse into what went behind their Ode to You tour. The group highlights the labor and sweat to create a concert experience that CARATs will love. True to their name of being self-producing idols, the prologue gave a glimpse into how SEVENTEEN was hands-on with the set selection and wardrobe.

Taeyang: White Night (2020)

Taeyang shares a behind-the-scenes look into what went into his White Night tour. He also talked about his personal struggles, enlistment, his marriage to actress Min Hyo Rin.

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