#KStreetPicks: 12 Of The Best SHINee Looks Since Debut

The vision of SM Entertainment back in early 2008 was to introduce a boy group that can be a trendsetter not just in music, but also in dance and fashion. 12 years later, we can say they’ve succeeded once again.

When SHINee debuted, they’ve become known for their unique and colorful looks which many fans dubbed as “SHINee Trend.” To perfect their looks, they have been working with Korean fashion designer Ha Sang Beg who’s behind their contemporary looks in Juliette, Replay, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, and to name a few.

The 5-member group remained true to their boyish image, but they have tried to evolve toward a more mature style as years passed by. Presently, their impact is being felt globally because of their strong image and dynamic musicality.

We are with Shawols (virtually) around the world to celebrate the boys’ 12th year in the music industry. For this month’s #KStreetPicks, we are featuring 12 of our most favorite styles from SHINee since 2008.


Iconic Colored Pants 

For those who have been SHINee’s fans for a long time, there’s no denying that colorful jeans are one of the more memorable looks. Worn during their “Juliette” promotions, SHINee brought the colored skinny jeans craze to South Korea with the media dubbing this as the “SHINee trend.”

Ring Ding Dong

The Black Angels

It’s so fantastic how SHINee perfected the “Black & White Angel” concept. With their studded and feathered all-black and minimalist all-white outfits, plus the hints of red to show how ablaze they are, the boys were able to open their wings to new possibilities.


Punk Rock Meets Futuristic  

“Punk rock meets futuristic” is the only term we can come up with when trying to figure out how to explain the look for “Lucifer.” Backless shirts, fur vests, metallic shirts, and knee-length boots were some of the more daring fashion choices during this era. Besides, this was the era that gave us long-haired Taemin and half-bald Key. 

Dream Girl

Print on Print Suits 

When “Dream Girl” came out in 2013, we dare say that SHINee showed that print-on-print suits for men can be a thing. Funnily, 2013 was also the year print-on-print took the fashion world by storm. Wearing matching prints is one thing, but SHINee took the trend to a new level by wearing brightly colored, mismatching printed outfits that still made sense. 



Military-inspired Outfits 

It’s almost impossible to mess up a military-inspired outfit, so it wasn’t surprising that SHINee also pulled off the look very well. Although what we really appreciated were the details that made each outfit different but still cohesive. If those uniforms were good enough to be displayed at the SM Coex Atrium, then they’re good enough for us. 


Cali Boys

West coast-inspired street style never fails to make us feel young, carefree, and laidback. Their look in “View” is all about layering and muscular flexing (Yes, Minho. I’m referring to you!). Check out how SHINee rocked their muscle tees, basketball tank top, oversized t-shirt, ripped jeans, cargo shorts, and sneakers.

1 of 1

Retro-inspired Fashion 

SHINee brought back the 90s during their “1 of 1” promotions. To sum it up, the look is basically “90s, but make it fashion.” There’s a reason certain trends stayed in the 90s, but SHINee somehow managed to make them look cool. No matter what people think of it, it’s definitely one of their more memorable eras. 

Your Number

Men in Suits

One of SHINee’s Japanese releases, “Your Number” featured the boys in suits. Suits are a fool-proof way to show off a sophisticated and mature side. Seeing them in sleek black suits was a nice change from the crazy, colorful outfits they wore in previous promotions. Even though a black suit sounds basic, SHINee made it look anything but that. 

Married To The Music

Kooky & Spooky

We know that “Married To The Music” is SHINee’s Halloween Anthem, but who says they can’t be freaky stylish during the spooky season? During this era, eccentric prints, patched blazers, overly ripped jeans, track pants, heeled brogues, biker boots, and the bizarre kinKEY hair were all exposed to bring out the odd on their holiday plates.

Good Evening

Sartorial Ensemble

To liven up their dynamic chair choreography, SHINee wore straightforward yet contemporary outfits. The boys pulled off the belted matching suits and pants with accents of athleisure pieces like headband and sneakers. Other styles in the MV to look out for are clothing from designer brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga.

I Want You

Tropical Vibe

You can say that “I Want You” is a continuation of “Good Evening” because it does. Aside from being the second EP of the Story of Light trilogy album, there are looks that are still present in this song. This time, their style becomes more vibrant through retro layering, tropical prints, and bold stripes.


From Mediterranean

The last EP of the Story of Light trilogy album is set against a vibrant Mediterranean backdrop with Latin and Scandinavian influences. Somehow, the bright-colored and velvet suits & pants; plaid shirt; satin vest; and designer’s brogues, oxford, and loafers made them look like rich Casanovas. But overall, “Countless” displayed the relaxed yet mature side of SHINee. 

How about you, Shawols? What are your favorite looks from SHINee? Share us your thoughts!

Happy 12th Anniversary again, SHINee! #12YearsWithSHINee #AlwaysWithYouSHINee

Clara Palma contributed to this article.

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