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The A to Z of VIXX

As we celebrate their eighth year in the K-Pop industry, let's take a look at some of the bits and pieces that defined VIXX, listed from A to Z.

ABS-CBN reporter Jeff Canoy fanboys over Agust D

Filipino journalist and ABS-CBN news reporter, host, and anchor Jeff Canoy did not hide his love for Agust D's newest mixtape! In a tweet, Canoy said "Agust D. That's it. That's the tweet"...

Asian artists join forces in online charity concert versus COVID-19

Several Pinoy artists will be joining a live online concert alongside several Asian artists on May 27 as a charity event in fighting against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Morisette, Christian Bautista, Rico Blanco,...

WATCH: Ex-Idol Contestant Jessica Lee Blown Away by SB19’s Powerful Dance Moves in “ALAB” MV

Ex-Idol School contestant-turned-YouTuber Jessica Lee reacts to SB19’s “Alab” MV.

PH netizens trend #GMAApologize over misleading report on 97 liners

Filipino netizens demand an apology from media networks GMA and ABS-CBN for misleading reports over the incident with the 97 liners in Itaewon.

Listen to Gaho’s “Start” from Itaewon Class sung in Tagalog!

Kyungmin Kim, a host and Korean interpreter for cultural events in the Philippines, sang a Tagalog version of “Start”, the OST for Itaewon Class.

You Can Watch These 7 K-Pop Documentaries Online!

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of K-Pop with these documentaries.

WATCH: Pinoy girl groups cover ITZY’s ‘WANNABE’

Pinoy girl groups PPop Generation and SB NewGen collaborated and made a cover of ITZY's "Wannabe." Apphle of PPop Generation and Daphny of SB NewGen grooved to the hit K-Pop song, recording themselves...

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Smart launches exclusive streaming of M Countdown

Filipino K-pop fans will now have something new to tune into every week as mobile services provider Smart launched the exclusive streaming of M...

5 Reasons Why “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” is Your Next Guilty Pleasure Drama

Are you experiencing withdrawal since the end of Penthouse and The World of the Married? Then you’ll want to check out the scandalous stories...

Is SB19 working with August Rigo, Vince Nantes?

Looks like songwriters August Rigo and Vince Nantes' shoutout to work with SB19 is coming to fruition! ShowBT's CEO Charles Kim posted a Zoom meeting...