“Sabi ng Nanay”: Most Memorable Quotes from K-Drama Moms

Mothers have always been defined as the “ilaw ng tahanan.” They’re the light that guides us through our lives and makes sure we’re on the right track.

The same is true with moms in the world of K-Dramas. They were always there for our characters to provide the love and support they needed.

This Mother’s Day, KStreetManila would like to share some memorable quotes from some of our beloved K-Drama mothers.

Ssangmundong Moms

Reply 1988

We love them simply because they remind us of our own moms and our friends’ mothers. These mothers take good care not only of their own children, but also of their children’s friends. And they never let them go hungry.

“Geez, what would you do without me? Nobody can do anything properly.” – Ran Mi Ran

“Even if I have to shave my head, I’ll do whatever it takes to raise my kids well. Even if I can’t buy them branded shoes, I won’t let them starve, and I will buy them pretty clothes and will live a life that nobody would consider shameful.” – Kim Sunyoung

“Do you know what kind of daughter she is? She’s the smartest kid in the entire neighborhood!” – Lee Il Hwa

Hwak Duk Yi

Another Oh Hae Young

“It’s okay! Like grades are a big deal.”

“If I become someone who cheers her on, will my heart break a little less?”

“Don’t be concerned with the judgments of others, and be as happy as you can, to your heart’s content.”

Noh Seunghye

Sky Castle

Like most parents in “Sky Castle,” Seunghye wants her children to succeed in life. She does everything in order to achieve that goal. But later on, she realized that her responsibility is to protect her children and think of their welfare first before anything else.

“Don’t ever pressure Suh Joon and Ki Joon again. They’re not some tools that you can fix your inferiority complex, and they are not sandbags that you can use to vent your anger.”

“Get rid of that pyramid right now and stop forcing your educational philosophy and life values on them. I also want you to stop demoralizing the kids by calling them a failure. I want you to respect the kids and treat them exactly like how you want to be treated.”

Oh Dong Baek

When the Camellia Blooms

“Life is still unfair even though I’m trying hard. We’re always guilty when it comes to our kids.”

Kim Soon Im

Autumn in My Heart

At first, Soon Im appears to be that unlikeable mother, but her willingness to “return” Eun Suh to her adoptive parents shows that she is ready to sacrifice her own happiness just to give her daughter a good life.

“You’ll right. She’ll only suffer if she stays with me. She won’t be able to get a decent education. I’ll pretend I never had a daughter.”


Mothers are truly awesome, be it our actual mothers or the ones from K-Dramas. Happy Mother’s  Day to all the mothers out there! We wouldn’t be where we are if not for you.

Irish Valdez
Irish is a 20-something fangirl who still dreams of receiving a letter from a famous magic school or becoming a pilot of a giant robot. She also believes that milk tea and pudding are a perfect combination. When not spazzing over her favorite KPop groups or writing articles, Irish is watching anime, or reading books. You can check out her Tumblr!

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