Red Velvet Wendy listens to Ben&Ben, calls the band “beautiful”

Looks like Red Velvet’s Wendy isn’t done yet giving Filipino ReVeluvs the love they deserve, as she listened to popular OPM band Ben&Ben after a fan recommendation!

A fan with username “Dinniebear” posted on Lysn a song recommendation, where she recommended Ben&Ben’s “Maybe The Night” for Wendy to listen to. “Hi Wendy! I saw you were listening to music and I wanted to recommend a band from the Philippines! Pls listen to songs by Ben&Ben! I think you’ll like them. Mahal kita.” The fan said, with smiley and heart emojis.

Wendy then replied, “OMG Their voice is so beautiful! Oh my. Thank you for your beautiful recommendation,” suggesting that she must have had given the group a listen!

Twitter user @wendydaily221 captured the post and the reply on Lysn.

The news quickly reached Ben&Ben, quote-retweeting a fan who also posted the same Lysn conversation above, and said on Twitter, “woahh thank u wendy! @RVsmtown”

This isn’t the first time that K-Pop idols have listened to Ben&Ben. THE BOYZ, for example, had said that they love Ben&Ben’s songs, while NCT Dream’s Chenle played a Ben&Ben song on a Korean radio show. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo also performed the band’s hit song “Kathang Isip” during his fan meeting last year in Manila.

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