The A to Z of VIXX

Since its formation in 2012, VIXX has delivered amazing music, packaged in unique concepts that stick to the memory of fans and non-fans alike. Not only that, but their strong performances and diverse abilities endeared them to the public.

As we celebrate their eighth year in the K-Pop industry, let’s take a look at some of the bits and pieces that defined VIXX, listed from A to Z.

Azalea flower boy

AKA leader N and this iconic graduation photo!

His members even recreated the legendary pose!

(Way to start the list, hehe.)

BIGS Corporation, Ltd.

The 2017 April Fool’s joke by VIXX. It is said to be the company that manages the restaurant BIPS where VIXX members “worked” at. They also role-played working at BIPS during their 4th and 5th-anniversary skits.

via RealVIXX / YouTube


VIXX is always known for their fascinating and theatrical concepts which they stick to loyally throughout promotion from the album design, music videos, and stage outfits, earning them the title Concept-dols. From puppets and cyborgs to love slaves and Greek gods, VIXX surely has a lot to pull out of their sleeves!

via RealVIXX / YouTube

Darkest Angels

The title of VIXX’s first compilation album released in Japan in July 2014. 

Eau de VIXX

One of the group’s many concepts, Eau de VIXX is the group’s third studio album, with “Scentist” as the title track. As you can probably guess from the title, here’s where VIXX promoted as perfumers.

via RealVIXX / YouTube


The title track of the second part of VIXX 2016 Conception era, Hades. Thorns here, there, and everywhere!

via RealVIXX / YouTube

Gas station

The legendary video of baby Hyuk screaming after being left behind by his hyungs at a gas station.

via Chocolatemilx / YouTube


AKA the living artwork and resident gamer of VIXX. But he’s not just that─Hongbin is an extremely good vocalist, dancer, and actor too!

Invaders from Space

The title of the four-part Japanese variety show of VIXX

Jekyll & Hyde

Taking inspiration from the 1886 gothic novella “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” VIXX showed us their duality with their twin comeback─bright and bubbly “G.R.8.U” (where the members sang backward while the MV plays in rewind) and “Hyde” (where VIXX plays as fallen angels with conflicting personalities).

via RealVIXX / YouTube


VIXX’s cutie main vocal! Overflowing with aegyo, one would think he’s the group maknae, but he’s part of the hyung line. Be sure to check out his first solo debut album!

via RealVIXX / YouTube


Or the main vocal crown fairy who used to be so shy but is now one of the most extra members of VIXX. Weaknesses include small children and cute animals.

Maknae on top

AKA Hyuk, who used to be a tinie babie who is so scared of Leo pre-debut but now towers over the members and takes pleasure in throwing his hyungs around like the maknae on top that he is!

via RealVIXX / YouTube


Cha Hakyeon, VIXX’s ever-loving leader, main dancer, and choreographer. He currently serving in the military and even starred in the army musical, “Return: The Promise of the Day.”

Ottokaji Song

The very trendy song by Ken that is sure to give you the earworms. The lyrics are just “ottokaji” (“What do I do?”) repeated in varying tones and pitch. A true musical masterpiece!

via Dona Diyana / YouTube

Bonus: Ken:D Song feat. Hongbin

via Sinho Lin / YouTube

Passionate Tango

This breathtaking solo by N :”)

via achahakyeon / YouTube 

Love EQuation 

The youthful title track that had us spelling VIXX in the choreo! (I tried my best, okay? ><)

via RealVIXX / YouTube


The multi-colored robot that represents the staff and delivers the latest news about VIXX. Start the RT operation! Over and out.

Super Hero

The song that started it all and roped us into stanning VIXX!

via RealVIXX / YouTube


The iconic NBin stage in VIXX Hex Sign concert that sent us all to heaven (or hell, who knows).


Or Shangri-La, the paradise where VIXX and Starlights reside! Also the title of the 2nd VIXX Live Fantasia tour in 2014.

via RealVIXX / YouTube

Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis

The full name of the South Korean boy band formed by Jellyfish Entertainment in 2012 through the reality show MyDOL. 😉


Our swaggy main rapper Ravi! Although he hasn’t renewed his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment to establish his own agency, Ravi continues to be a VIXX member. 

via Stone Music Entertainment / YouTube


VIX was one of the three choices for the group’s name along with J.Dice and Seesun (LOL). VIX won, of course, but an extra X was later added to make it more appealing graphically, hence the name VIXX.

Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island – Girls, Why?

The special collaboration track released by VIXX with OKDAL in 2014.

via Stone Music Entertainment / YouTube


The album that launched the VIXX 2016 Conception era with the title track “Dynamite,” where VIXX portrayed the Greek mythological deity of rivalry and jealousy!

Happy 8th debut anniversary, VIXX!

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