#KStreetReviews: “Stuck in Daydreams” Reveals K-Pop Fan Life In Poetry

There are countless times when your favorite idol or group has given you inspiration at school, work, or even hobbies. It’s relatable to say that our admiration for them can be too overwhelming, and we needed an outlet for it. To some, it could be spazzing in one way or another, but to some, they can lead to artistic transformations.

J.éponine’s “Stuck in Daydreams” dives into the pool of what it’s like when you feel buried in massive love for your K-Pop idols. The book is a collection of poetry that delves into fangirl and fanboy feelings through a series of free-verse poems.


Love towards your favorite celebrity is the main theme of the book, although it also joins a few many others that are surely relatable to K-Pop fans.

This includes the “problem” of language barrier:

Language is not a hindrance to love.
What matters is that we understand the language of love.

– Fluent

The indescribable excitement you feel when you’re about to meet your idol:

They are like the sun
And i the moon
For once in a while
Every now and then
From time to time
We are meant to meet

– Concert

And when you are engulfed with emotions over your favorite idol, and you realize you hardly feel apologetic for stanning the group you love:

All I did
Was give an all-in bet,
I stanned a group
In the end.

And that was
One gamble
I will never regret.

“Stuck in Daydreams” tells a fan’s story through different types of sonnet, prose, and free-verse poems. Check the book out if you want to learn more about a different and rather creative take on “stanning life.”

If you are interested in getting a copy, you can contact the author j.éponine via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Featured photo taken from j.éponine’s Facebook page.

Aya Ople
Aya is a self-proclaimed funny person (she is). She also writes for a living and translates whenever the need calls. Aya also believes in the saying “if you’re in a bad situation today, the next one will be good for sure.”

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