TWICE and the Evolution of Their Music

Since they debuted in 2015, TWICE has become one of the major groups in third-generation K-Pop. They have scored various hits, broke several records, and continue to grow in popularity with every new release.

This June, they came back with the song “MORE & MORE” from their ninth Korean EP of the same name. Since they’re our Artist of the Month, we look into how the group has grown in terms of their music.

Teen Dance Pop

TWICE made their debut with the dance-pop song “Like OOH-AHH.” The song featured a light tempo that features the girls’ youthful energy.

TWICE made their breakthrough with their sophomore release, “CHEER UP,” which featured an earworm chorus, a memorable line (“Shy shy shy”), a choreography that’s easy to follow, and a memorable MV.

By this time, TWICE has figured out a tried-but-proven formula with their song and image—a bubblegum dance pop with an easy-to-follow melody and vibrant colors with members showcasing their personalities. This became event in their next releases like “TT,” “Signal,” and “Likey.”

Experimenting with Sound

When TWICE released their fourth single, “Knock Knock,” the difference was already evident. Instead of beat-driven music, we are introduced to guitar riffs and synth-pop. Still, the “TWICE elements” are still there: a showcase of the members’ personalities, easy-to-follow melody, and iconic lines.

The same went with “What is Love,” with MV elements similar to “Cheer Up” and “TT.”

For anyone who’s used to TWICE’s signature pop style, the EDM “Dance the Night Away” is a breath of fresh air. Still, it has a straightforward hook and a tune reminiscent of summer that invites sing-alongs.

The Road to Maturity

Starting the last few months of 2018 up to the present, TWICE slowly eases their ONCE toward a more mature sound. “YES or YES” may sound like their previous releases, but a few listens would make you realize that it’s more sophisticated than their early songs.

Finally, “Fancy” came, showing a concept change, prominent synth riffs, and a sophisticated chorus. Still, the group managed to retain the energy and hooks that they’re known for.

Months later, TWICE came back with “Feel Special,” a synth-pop track. Compared to their bubblier tracks, this song showed a more serious, sultry side of the girls.

And finally, we reach this comeback with the title track “MORE & MORE,” which is their most mature concept to date. With foreign producers at the helm this time, the girls venture into a summery, tropical track with perhaps one of their most difficult choreographies.


TWICE is one of the biggest K-Pop acts of this generation, and for good reason. Although fans were hooked with their LSS-worthy, pop-dance songs, the group has proven that they can evolve without losing their essence.

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