6 Red Velvet B-Sides You Should Add To Your K-Pop Playlist!

It’s been six years since Red Velvet’s debut, six years of the K-Pop industry getting blessed with talent, skills, and visuals!

With two studio albums, two reissues, 11 EPs, and 22 singles, it’s not surprising that for K-Pop fans, diving into the Red Velvet discography can be overwhelming! Not to mention that they have always given us quality content. And so, to help everyone get started — just in time for Red Velvet’s sixth year debut anniversary — we’re listing six B-side tracks that you should add to your K-Pop playlist!

Don’t U Wait No More

The Red (2015)

If you want a track that highlights Red Velvet’s harmonization skills, “Don’t U Wait No More” is the song you should listen to! Be prepared for the bass, though.

Eyes Locked, Hands Locked

‘The ReVe Festival’ Finale (2019)

While a ballad may not be the most typical way to end an album, Red Velvet managed to pull it off with their delicate vocals and soft melody in this song. And you’ll definitely enjoy how their songs blend so well in the chorus!

Kingdom Come

Perfect Velvet (2017)

A fusion of pop and R&B, it’s actually quite a chill song to vibe to! The strange drum beat may be a bit distracting at first, but it adds to its charm.

Time Slip

The Red (2015)

While it may not necessarily give off a clean and straightforward vibe, with its hip hop start, it actually gets really clean and smooth as it transitions to R&B, especially in the chorus! The slow, rhythmic rap adds a trendy flavor to the song.

Blue Lemonade

Summer Magic (2018)

The title perfectly captures the song’s mood! If you want a refreshing B-side, Blue Lemonade is for you. Oh, you’ll definitely love the bubble pops. Light and fun!


‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 1 (2019)

It’s a playful song, and while it may not be an easy favorite, it’s the colorful energy that made us choose the song! The sound is also quite reminiscent of their senior’s, f(x).

Irish Valdez contributed to the article.

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