A Platform Perfect for K-Pop Online Stores Is Now Here!

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As several parts of the country were put under quarantine, many Filipinos began opening their businesses online not only to make everything conveniently accessible, but to also tap markets that are yet to be fully explored. The viral “baked sushi” trend, for example, swept the internet so fast and quickly turned people into fans of this new and refreshing twist to a classic favorite.

While opening online businesses seem to be a great chance to jump at an opportunity, especially with mobility restrictions and the need to maintain social distancing measures, hitting a jackpot — like how the baked sushi did — is not always certain. And so marketing becomes a challenge. Not all online businesses are capable of hiring agencies for marketing, or for digital ads to make their brand gain optimal reach of their target market. All of these can be quite costly.

The good news is that there is a platform that can cater to these basic needs of budding entrepreneurs: Good Info Net.

Good Info Net is a new platform for start-up businesses looking for a place to share their experiences with a community, partnered with right business tools to help them. From business page set-up, to marketing support, from inventory to appointments management, Good Info net makes all these available to users at no cost.

Not only does Good Info Net keep you on top of your business process, it also helps you keep inspired with stories from fellow start-up companies who have found success even in these trying times. Interact and share advice with your fellow entrepreneurs using this platform!

The brand aims to project itself as a social media platform that focuses on the good and supporting community members. If you have a need to refresh yourself with feel-good news and stories in the middle of the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, Good Info Net is able to provide that platform and community. Through Good Info Net, the local and small Filipino entrepreneur is able to thrive, grow with a community, celebrate, and share the successes of local and small business owners from the Philippines to the world.

Get the good info on Good Info Net now, and start making your business, and yourself as an entrepreneur, grow! Log on to https://goodinfonet.com/ or visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know more.

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