SB19’s first album is the pick-me-up we all need in this quarantine

Almost two years after their debut, SB19 released their first album titled “Get in the Zone.” The album contains nine tracks, including three of their singles—“Tilaluha,” “Go Up,” and “Alab (Burning).”

A’TIN also get a treat with studio versions of three of SB19 songs—“Love Goes” (with an EDM version), “Hanggang Sa Huli,” and “Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo.” Fans who have been to SB19’s events have already seen these songs performed in fan meetings, as well as the group’s first concert.

If fans want to sing along, they can do so with instrumental versions of “Tilaluha” and “Hanggang Sa Huli.”

The Many Sides of SB19

For existing A’TIN and budding fans alike, the album, despite its limited tracks, shows the many sides of SB19 you can love.

There is something for various genres. For something fun, “Alab (Burning)” and “Go Up” are feel-good listens that you can dance to.

“Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo” is an excellent listen if you’re in a bad mood and you need some cheering up.

“Love Goes” showcases the boys’ angst-ridden side. Whether in its original or EDM version, the song portrays one’s anguish after separating from a special someone.

And finally, the ballads, a personal favorite. “Tilaluha” had already shown how amazing SB19 is when it comes to vocals (props especially to main vocal Stell). However, it’s the emotions (and message) of “Hanggang Sa Huli” that will tug at the heartstrings of many.

The Pick-Me-Up We All Need

For fans who have been missing SB19 since the quarantine period started, “Get in the Zone” is the pick-me-up they all need.

A’TIN may not be able to meet the boys in the near future, but with this album, it’s the closest they can get to an SB19 event from the comfort of their homes.

Bea Mandac
Bea was introduced to the world of Korean culture through Full House, Jewel in the Palace, BoA, and TVXQ. She is also a fan of J-Pop, figure skating, and tennis. When not in her day job, she likes to be alone in her room or in a café with her pen and paper, or a laptop. She co-runs a figure skating blog with fellow KStreet contributor Clara. You can reach her on Twitter.

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