7 Reasons to Look Forward to BTS’ Upcoming Single ‘Dynamite’

Written by Ziara Clarisse Cruz

With just a few hours left until the release of BTS‘s new single ‘Dynamite‘ worldwide, fans have been going loco, especially when the explosive teaser dropped last August 18.

If you haven’t thought about pre-saving ‘Dynamite’ yet, here are seven reasons that can change your mind.

1. They’re going RETRO

Since their phenomenal comeback with ‘Boy With Luv,’ ARMYs all over the world have been
asking one more thing from them: a retro-themed song. And with the dropping of the 29-second teaser, we get to hear what could possibly be the answer to every ARMYs’ prayers. Weverse Shop has also released limited edition ‘Dynamite’ vinyl and cassette tapes in the US market which quite proves our theory. BTS is indeed going retro.

2. Dynamite is an all-English track

In one of their livestream videos, the members revealed that with the global pandemic we are all experiencing, they wanted to release a song that would lift up ARMYs’ spirits worldwide. Though they never intended to release a full-English track, RM said that during the process of making their album, it just came to them. ARMYs are quite hoping that the fandom would double in size, as an all-English song may attract more locals worldwide.

3. J-HOPE. Yes, that’s it.

As soon as the individual photo teasers for Dynamite dropped, J-hope had ARMYs swerving
lanes. In all four teasers, J-hope donned his infamous yellow-tinted glasses with his hair brushed up to the side which everyone is living for. ARMYs are already claiming this to be the “Jung Hoseok” stating that he definitely owns Dynamite.

4. Taehyung center

No one expected to see a dashing Taehyung in a green suit, let alone dancing and singing as the center in the Dynamite MV teaser. AND ARMYs ARE DOWN FOR IT. The suit paired with his blonde prince-like hair made it seem like he’s straight out of a Disney movie. He even made it to the worldwide trends not long after the teaser dropped.

5. Disco-infused performance

Think of it as a Grease performance, but make it modern. The members of BTS danced smoothly
along with Dynamite’s upbeat retro sound and ended up with a bang as they rocked quirky
ending poses and a powerful kick to the side. If the short clip has already made you stand up and jive, surely the full performance will make you jump.

6. Outfits

Three-piece suits, bomber jackets, denim on denim? I say retro fashion is one of the best looks BTS has ever sported. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we haven’t seen the entire music video yet! As BTS has also gained popularity through their unique fashion sense, ARMYs are already dying to see the seven members groove to their music wearing retro-inspired clothing. Maybe you can get your next fashion inspo from the music video, who knows?

7. VMA Performance

BTS has recently been nominated for Best Pop and Best Kpop Act on the MTV Video Music
Awards and got a spot to perform as well! Of course, BTS will be performing their upcoming
single ‘Dynamite’, making its debut on worldwide television. Fans can’t wait to see the locals screaming on Twitter as the members steal hearts through their amazing performance on the awards show.

‘Dynamite’ will be out on the 21st of August, 12NN Philippine Standard Time. Make sure to pre-save the song through this link.

Want to know more about ARMYs comeback goals for ‘Dynamite’? Click here.

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