How BTS Saved 2020 With Their New Single “Dynamite”

Written by Ziara Clarisse Cruz

BTS has yet again proven that music makes the world a better place through their latest single, Dynamite. On August 21, they dropped the single’s music video through their agency, Big Hit Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Within an hour of its release, Dynamite swept worldwide charts and gained 10 million views on YouTube.

This disco-infused track shocked ARMYs all around the world when it was revealed to be released on such a short notice. Much to our surprise, BTS did not expect to release Dynamite either. In their recent press conference, RM shared that the release of Dynamite wasn’t planned at all. “Dynamite was one of the songs we met in the process of working on our album; it was a light, fun song that didn’t have any seriousness,” he added. The members of BTS thought that it would be nice to share the energy and good vibes that they got upon working on the song to fans all around the world who are having a hard time during this pandemic situation. “Through this song, we wanted to say that this time is difficult but let’s overcome together, and we wanted to deliver that through singing and dancing which is what we do best,” said Jin.

True to their words, BTS gave us the perfect feel-good song with Dynamite. This energy-driven song is all about positivity and taking on challenges drenched in funky, disco beats. In one of the lyrics, RM sang that ‘life is sweet as honey’ and yes, life has just become seven times sweeter with BTS.

Lyrics aside, Dynamite’s music video is undoubtedly the serotonin boost that we all needed. The vibrant and nostalgic set is one thing, but seeing BTS feeling themselves and having fun in the MV is a whole other story. Every scene in the music video emits happiness and love as they try their best to send their hopeful message across — and they did. Fans have themselves thanking BTS as they make the world a little better, one song at a time.

BTS is known for continuously producing songs that embody hope and self-love. With Dynamite topping charts and gaining recognition worldwide, we can definitely say that BTS’ impact is still undeniably invincible.

‘Dynamite’ will also be released as an EDM & Acoustic remix on August 24, 12NN
(Philippine Standard Time) and will have a B-side music video that drops on August 24, 11PM (Philippine Standard Time). Stay updated through BTS’ and BigHit’s official Twitter accounts.

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