The BLACKPINK Revolution: Still To Come?

Written by Shawynn Morales

We’re months away prior to the much-anticipated release of BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, yet Blinks across the globe remain at a fever pitch — not failing to create waves and secure spots on the list of trending topics on Twitter and other platforms almost every day. 

It only took four years for the group to sail as far as the international scene. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé have been consistent in breaking records of their own hits — not mentioning even breaking three Guinness World Records with their single “Kill This Love” in 2019. The music video of the pre-release single for this year’s comeback “How You Like That” follows, reaching no less than 300 million views on YouTube.

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These ceaselessly growing numbers have helped them land the shores of the west music scene, leaving them to work with Dua Lipa for “Kiss and Make Up” in 2017, and earlier this year with Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy.” Both collaborations radiate the energy BLACKPINK always brings to the table: feminine and sassy, yet powerful and savage. 

Their hits have always carried these themes in their songs, evenly matched with dynamic choreography. Add to that the group’s charisma, which has captured the hearts of millions of their fans worldwide. 

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How BLACKPINK came this far remains a question we have yet to unravel. It is undeniable that the group is a talented bunch. Their vocal ranges are as distinct as its members—Rosé’s soft and raspy voice, Jennie’s unwavering pivot from singing to rapping, and Lisa and Jisoo’s sweet yet remarkable tones. But in the face of their popularity that has grown over the years, these attributes haven’t been highlighted enough, as their singles tend to stick with the EDM genre, if not, touching a bit of R&B or Hip-Hop. 

As much as these genres are where the group’s musical identity lies, “How You Like That’s” aura almost sounds the same as their first debut release, “Boombayah,” filled with half-times, trappy drums, hi-hats, and low baselines using 808s — all meeting the same cheat sheet. 

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Photo courtesy of Billboard

Has BLACKPINK’s music grown so far? We can’t close the doors for them yet, not when their newest album is just around the corner. The Blinks could hope that as the four lovelies celebrate their fourth year in the industry today, the fresh hits underway could also unveil each member’s untouched potential. To spark a BLACKPINK revolution after all, is to yearn for something new and something better.

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