Finding f(x): Where Are They Now?

While f(x) never formally announced their disbandment, it has been four years since we saw the members together in performances. “All Mine” is the group’s latest Korean release under SM Station and “Cowboy” the latest for their Japanese discography before three of the members left SM Entertainment as soon as their contract expired on their 10th year anniversary. MeUs who are craving for an f(x) reunion would have a lot of waiting to do. 

However, we can still see the members separately. Since moving companies, the members remain active in the industry as performers, actresses, and models. In honor of f(x)’s 11th year, let’s take a look at where the members are now and how they are doing as solo artists.

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via YouTube / VictoriaSong Studio

The activities of f(x)’s leader are concentrated in her homeland now. Since establishing her own studio in China, Victoria mainly focused on her acting career. She starred in a number of Chinese dramas from 2015, including “Beautiful Secret”, “Ice Fantasy” and its sequel “Ice Fantasy Destiny”, “A Life Time Love”, “Moonshine and Valentine”, “Love Under the Moon”, “Find Yourself”, and “Love Yourself”. She is also set to appear as the female lead of the drama “Endless August” opposite Rain.

Victoria starred with Cha Taehyun in the remake of the 2001 movie “My Sassy Girl”. “My New Sassy Girl” was released simultaneously in China and Korea in 2016. In the same year, she appeared in the Chinese remake of the film, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. These were followed by other big screen appearances, such as cameos in “Wished” and “City of Rock” and a role in “Legend of the Ancient Swords”.

At the same time, Victoria participated in several variety and survival shows in China. She was cast in the travel reality show “Sisters Over Flowers”, a co-host in “Ace vs Ace” and “Beat the Champions”, and a mentor in “Hot Blood Dance Crew” and “The Next Top Bang.”

It didn’t mean that Victoria gave up on her singing, though! She has been actively lending her voice to the OST of most of the dramas and movies she appeared in, as well as the theme songs for Chinese mobile and online games, Zhe Tian 3D and Tao Hua Yuan Ji 2.

Moreover, Victoria officially made her solo debut on March 13, 2018 with her first digital single “Roof on Fire”. This was followed two years later by “Up To Me” from her self-titled solo album on May 19, 2020. Her album, delayed since 2017 and released digitally, immediately garnered 250,000 copies in the first 22 hours. This feat made Victoria the first Chinese female artist to achieve the diamond certification on QQ Music this year. 

We last saw Victoria in CHUANG 2020 as a mentor along with fellow former SM artists, Kris and Tao.


via YouTube / Amber Liu

f(x)’s Taiwanese-American rapper is back in the US as a soloist. She is the first f(x) member to release a solo album in 2015 with “Beautiful”, which immediately debuted at the second spot on Billboard‘s World Albums chart. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon featured in the title track “Shake That Brass” while Eric Nam collaborated with Amber for the B-side track “I Just Wanna”. The latter is the English version of “Goodbye Summer” which appeared in f(x)’s “Pink Tape” album and featured EXO’s DO.

“Beautiful” was followed by a number of solos and collaborations with fellow SM artists for SM Station, including “Wave” with Xavi&Gi and fellow f(x) member Luna and “Breathe Again” with DJ Ksuke in 2016. She also dropped her solo mixtape, “Rogue Rouge”, on SoundCloud and a music video for one of its six tracks, “Closed Doors”. This was followed by her first solo concert series, “Gone Rogue Tour”.

After “Rogue Rouge”, Amber released the EP “White Noise + Lost at Sea”, which contains two tracks, “White Noise” and “Lost at Sea”. She wrote the music and lyrics for both songs with Darren Smith and Sean Alexander.

Since leaving SM Entertainment and continuing her contract with Steel Wool Entertainment in September 2019, she has come up with her second EP, “X”, and went on a concert tour early this year. She also collaborated with Fyke for “Get Yourself”, Travis Artero for “Fix Me”, and James Lee for “Alright”.

Aside from being an accomplished singer and song-writer, Amber has also directed and produced most of her music videos. She is credited as the director for “Hands Behind My Back”, “Curiosity”, “Numb”, “Ready for the Ride”, and “Stay Calm.” She also co-directed the music video for “Other People”.

Amber’s latest activities include playing Jimin Kurt in the indie film, “The Eagle and the Albatross”, and lending her voice to Jojo the Raccoon in Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears: The Movie”. She’s actively streaming on Twitch while playing video games with her friends, including JRE, Shannon Williams, Jawn Ha, and Parker. She’s also having so much fun making videos on her TikTok account.


via YouTube / SMTOWN

Even before Luna transferred to Humap Contents in September 2019, f(x)’s main vocalist has been known as a talented musical actress. Following her “Free Somebody” solo debut in May 2016, she was cast as Nina Rosario in the musical “In The Heights” with fellow K-Pop idols and SM C&C artists, SHINee’s Key, Infinite’s Kim Sunggyu and Jang Dongwoo, EXO’s Chen, and soloist J-Min. She also appeared in the musical “Rebecca” as I, played Mary Vetsera in “The Last Kiss”, and was cast as Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”. She portrayed Sophie in “Mamma Mia” last year.

In between her theatre roles, she has participated in E Channel’s variety show “Strong Girls” along with Park Boram, Fiestar’s Cao Lu, Young-ji, and Giant Pink. She also appeared as the hidden card for episode 14 of “Singing Battle” and as a contestant on “Immortal Songs 2” with her twin sister, Park Jinyoung. She was a regular cast in JTBC2’s “The Taming of the Shrew 2” and FashionN’s “Dressing Table 3”.

Luna also remained active as a singer with various collaborations. Aside from SM Station project songs, she participated in the song “Tell Me It’s Okay” with Jung Hyungdon and former BEAST member Yong Junhyung. She also joined EXID’s Hani and Mamamoo’s Solar for the dance song “Honey Bee”. She sang “Where Are You” as the OST for the drama “Good Thief, Bad Thief”, “Could You Tell Me” for the drama “The King in Love”, and “Is It Love” for the drama “Shall We Kiss First?” She also performed the global version of “This Is Me” for the movie “The Greatest Showman”.

Two years after her solo debut, Luna released “Night Reminiscin'” featuring Yang Da-il and “Falling Out”. This was followed a year later by her single “Even So”. Her B-side track “Do You Love Me” featured Johan Kim. 

MeUs can find fresh updates and song covers by our Vitamin through Luna’s Alphabet, her bi-monthly YouTube vlog. Keeping our fingers crossed for a new album soon!


via YouTube / Jessica Jung

Our maknae has been busy playing roles in various dramas and getting recognized as a model. In 2015, Krystal starred opposite actor Seo Junyoung for ” Listen To My Song”, a 10-minute film for W Korea’s 10th anniversary. Two years later, she was cast as Moora/Hyera in tvN’s “Bride of the Water God”, the drama based on the Korean manga of the same title. She also landed the role of Kim Jiho in “Prison Playbook”.   

A dedicated actress, Krystal learned how to ride a motorcycle to do the stunts in the 2018 OCN drama, “Player”, where she took on the role of the orphan and skilled driver Cha Ah-ryung and starred along with actor Song Seungheon. (Bonus: Luna sang one of its OSTs, “Bluffing”!)

The 51st Baeksang Awards named Krystal as the Most Popular Actress for TV in 2015. She also received awards as a model, including the Best Fashionista in the 1st Fashionista Awards, InStyle Star Icon’s Most Stylish Female Idol, and Jumei Award Ceremony 2016’s Fashion Icon Goddess Award. She was also chosen as Korea Fashion Photographers Association’s Celebrity of the Year – Photogenic. She received another award from the 3rd Fashionista Awards as the Best Fashionista in TV and Film following her role in “Bride of the Water God” while Madame Figaro Fashion Gala Awards accorded her the Asia Style Award. Krystal was also named GQ Korea’s Woman of the Year in 2017, with Yoo Ah-in taking on the title Man of the Year. 

For now, her fans are on the lookout for the Chinese film “Unexpected Love” with EXO’s Lay and UNIQ’s Wang Yibo while the Chinese drama “Graduation Season” is yet to set its airing date. MeUs are also waiting for the indie film “Aaebigyuhwan” and rom-com movie “Sweet and Sour”. Krystal is currently busy with military drama “Search”, where she will play an elite army officer. Plus, she spends a lot of time nowadays with her sister, Jessica! Jung Sisters stans, anyone?

As her contract with SM Entertainment expired at the end of August this year, Krystal is still discussing whether to stay with the company she has grown up in for the past 10 years or sign with a new agency. But wherever you go, Krystal, you definitely have all of MeUs’ support!

(Trigger warning: The following section will mention the passing of former f(x) member, Sulli.)


via YouTube / SMTOWN

Even though she officially left f(x) in 2015, MeUs kept track of her solo career. This included the lead role in the 2017 movie “Real” with actor Kim Soohyun and a cameo appearance in “Hotel Del Luna”. She also hosted “Jinri Market” and “Night of Vicious Comments”. As a model, she became the brand ambassador of Estée Lauder. In 2018, she featured in Dean’s single “Dayfly” before officially releasing her first solo album “Goblin”. She participated in writing the lyrics for the title track and two B-side singles.

Tragedy struck the K-Pop industry as Sulli’s death at the young age of 25 hit the news. Her manager reportedly found her lifeless at her Seoul home on October 14, 2019. Her passing is often linked to the hurtful criticisms she received throughout her career.

Legislation was proposed and named after Sulli to address cyberbullying following her death. However, the so-called Sulli’s Act was not passed into law as no assembly member was willing to sponsor it and because “interest in it has really dropped as well,” according to a report by the news outlet EDaily. Instead, Nate, Naver, and Daum have decided to shut down the comments section in their entertainment news pages. According to industry insiders, however, this move doesn’t stop people from making malicious comments on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Meanwhile, MBC will look back on Sulli’s short but meaningful life through a documentary. It will include interviews with her family members and friends, as well as her co-workers in SM Entertainment. The documentary entitled “Why Was Sulli Uncomfortable?” will air on September 10. 

Rather than diminishing her memory for the tragedy that took her away from us, MeUs will always remember Sulli as the wonderful and passionate person that brought happiness to everyone’s lives. She’s a brave soul and a source of inspiration to her many fans. 

If you or anyone you know needs to talk to someone, contact the National Center for Mental Health at 0917-899-USAP (8727).

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